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A Moment in Tyme - MUD Details
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MUD Name A Moment in Tyme
Telnet Address
Java/Web Client
Language English
Location USA
Admin Name Duren
Theme Wheel of Time
Brief Desc We are among the oldest Wheel of Time MUDs on the 'net, started in 1994. We have some of the best role players around, and we are very newbie friendly. If you're looking for fun, exciting role play in a fully fleshed out world, come check us out! (FREE)
Date Added 19th May, 2001
Codebase CircleMUD - Very heavily modified
World Size Large (6001-10000 rooms)
World Originality All Original
Game Rating Inappropriate for children under 13
Player Killing Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Encouraged
Online Status Fully Operational
Category Wheel of Time
Ranking Category Game-Fantasy
Avg Players Online 21-25
Year Created 1994
Vote URL
  • Supports ANSI Color
  • Has Quests
  • Class-less System
  • Level Based System
  • Has Clans/Cabals
  • Equip saves on exit
  • Private Messaging System
  • In-game Forums
  • Accepts Reviews
  • Free to Play
  • Hiring Builders
  • Hiring Coders

A Moment in Tyme - MUD Description
A Moment in Tyme (MiT) is one of the oldest Wheel of Time based Muds on the Internet. Since 1994, our coders and builders have been working hard to bring in unique new features and our own original areas. MiT is currently on our second major revision of the codebase, and our areas are all completely original. At A Moment in Tyme, we have a dedicated playerbase and an excellent, committed staff of Immortals. We have unique systems in place to rank players' mastery in swordplay and channeling (Wheel of Time's magic system).

A Moment in Tyme is set on a Timeline that is based on the first six books. After that, though, Tyme has broken away to become a mirror world of the books. The Bowl of the Winds has been found and used, breaking the long winter. Elayne has returned to Andor and taken the Throne. After a long struggle, Analinde su Riaten Rie now controls Cairhien with Rand al'Thor's, the Dragon Reborn, approval.

The White Tower has split, but after a Black Tower raid against the Aes Sedai, Elaida has been kidnapped and now awaits trial before the newly reunified Tower. Who will be Amyrlin now? Already several woman are seeking the title.

And the Seanchan? Tarabon, Arad Doman, and Altara are all victims of the Ever Victorious Army. The High Lady Suroth invaded, and conquered Murandy, instead of reaching into Amadicia. Because of this, High Lady Ilorin Shayndel Paendrag, fourth in line for the Crystal Throne, has officially settled into the Panarch's Palace and taken control of the Hailene. Who will stop them? Word is that a mercenary group called the Heron Company is being raised to retake Arad Doman...

A Moment in Tyme is a RP-intensive MUD. We have a role play experience reward system which rewards RP by giving experience points based on emotes. Although it helps, you do not need to read the Wheel of Time book series to play here, as our friendly visitor guides will bring you up to speed on the basics of the Wheel of Time world. Our combat code is currently off line, as it is being completely rebuilt from the ground up. It will utilize over 50 different body parts as well as have very realistically coded combat forms with special procedures.

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