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The Pattern's End has just pwiped and begun its first rp-enforced turn which will be the beginning of a continuous storyline in the Wheel of Time universe!

This turn is called "Malkier's Fate".  The story behind it can be found here (click the widget on the right, click roleplay and intro story).  As the turn progresses, players in the mud will fight to determine whether or not Malkier falls.  Quests, roleplay and pk all go into determining the winner of this epic undertaking! Malkier can fall or survive based on player rp. The outcome of this turn will affect rp in turns to come and may make this a completely different Wheel of Time universe from the one you are used to!

Featured this turn:
* Play as a Malkieri
* Hundreds of new skills tied together by skill web code that allows you to develop a character unique from any other
* An enormous overland ascii map complete with landmarks, hidden areas and movement costs
* Armor gets damaged, blacksmiths can repair it
* Lighter armors allow the wearer to dodge and perform skills easier, but are weaker than heavier armors.  Armors of different material have varying strengths and weakenesses to damage types.
* Two remorts based on specializations of the three classes: warrior, rogue and channeler
* Dozens of trainers scattered across the world offer rare and powerful skills to those who take the time to find them
* Imm run roleplay quests for individual players with prizes including rare eq and Wheel of Time talents
* Explore the city of Malkier, complete with Malkier's 7 towers, the Malkieri guild and a battlefield
* Frequent imm-run quests
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Washington, DC
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Sidmouth is on a distinguished road
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The Story, conveniently presented here:

Turn 1: Malkier's Fate

From my roost at the peak of the northwest tower I can see the soldiers spilling out of the north gate. From fifty feet in the air the golden mail garbed soldiers look like white wine spilling down the hill that Malkier sits on, rolling rapidly down into the valley of tangled lakes. The sun's reflection off their coats of gold is blinding. I am focused on the horizon though, arrow nocked and one eye on my enemy.

A few thousand Trollocs wait in the valley, standing in rows just beyond Herot's Crossing, looking like great lumps of coal in their black fur and dirty gray armor. Crisp, dry snow blankets the valley. There should be children running around on the thick, iced over lakes this time of year, but instead great gashes of blood taint the ice and the snow around it. Human and Trolloc alike lie fallen on the field of battle, their corpses well preserved by the icy nights and chilling days. The shadowspawn have been held at Herot's crossing for a week now by Malkier's home guard. I am not sure they will be held back much longer.

Two months ago now it was that tens of thousands of Malkier's finest soldiers abandoned their camps in the blight and their fortifications on the border, and turned inward to support Breyan's attempt to gain the throne for her son, Isam. Breyan is to blame, but there is little solace in blaming a mad woman. Any of several dozen commanders of the soldiers who defected should have known the folly they committed. Lord Cowin Gemallan, who aided Breyan, should surely have known the consequences. Before they even reached Malkier, Breyan's forces were attacked from behind and Trollocs painted the rivers and lakes with their blood. Now Malkier faces a scourge brought by Breyan's foolish pride.

As the column marches down the hill, we provide cover fire from our roosts high above the city, struggling to cast a few arrows out into the Trolloc throngs. We would like to provoke them to break their ranks; rush ahead and be forced to attack across the narrows of Herot's Crossing or fall into the icy lakes surrounding it. They won't. The fades that accompany them lead the siege on the city, and they would be content to allow twenty thousand Trollocs die from archer's arrows while they slowly starve the city. Our generals play a game: advancing and then retreating to enrage the Trollocs and kill the few we can. We inflict five deaths on their side for every one on ours, but the numbers we face are far larger than we can hope to defeat. Soulblighter's forces know that this is just a waiting game: a matter of time before we must launch an offensive or risk losing our last supply lines from the south to raiding parties.

Malkier has stood for centuries, and we cannot imagine falling now. Messengers have been sent to each of the borderland nations requesting much needed reinforcements. The army's barracks and training yards overflow with recruits from Malkier's citizenry. Most promising of all are rumors that the new Amyrlin seat, Noane Masadim Aes Sedai, may also render us aid. The golden crane will not give itself up easily. Tai'shar Malkier!

Trinyn Deradies, soldier under the Golden Crane
8th day of Jumara, 951 NE
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