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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
During my rather lengthy mud carreer as a Player, Builder, Head Builder and Admin I've come across quite a few rather funny bugs, both genuine code bugs and the more common kind caused by building errors and/or bad scripts.

Our Coder has a saying: 'One player's bug is another player's feature'. And it seems he is right, because we always get a lot more bug reports from the players when we FIX an error, than we do about the original bug.

Anyhow, I figured I'd write an article about funny bugs. And even though I have quite an assortment myself, I could still use some more. So if any of you guys have any goodies to share, could you please mail me, message me, or just reply to this thread? (Naturally I'll give you credit in the article if I use them, I always try to do that).

Now to get things started, let me give one example from my own experiences (I'll keep the majority of them for the article though).

Anyhow, here's the story:

In the first mud I played, the imps in their infinite wisdom decided to switch codebase from Diku to Mythran. I think they had it all planned, but then some of their less competent coders messed things up so bad, that they were more or less forced to do the switch prematurely.

So one day we all logged on to our favourite mud, to find that not only had there been a pwipe during the night, but just about everything else was screwed too. Our hard-earned levels and equipment were all gone, the shops didn't sell anything, the fountains had all disappeared, most of the zones where totally out of whack... And on the Main Board was one single note from the Head Imp, stating pretty laconically: "Take it as a Challenge!"

There was not an imm in sight for several days. (No doubt they were all on line wizinvis, working frantically behind the stage, trying to get things back into some shape, but that is not how it appeared for us lowly mortals).

As in most cases like this, the players went more or less ballistic. Quite a few left the mud for good. However, me and a few of my cronies decided to stick it out, and started to play the mud as if nothing had happened.

Each new player who logged on with the same outraged cry "What the F*ck?" we greated with the same battle-cry: "Take it as a Challenge!". Later in the day, as we uncovered more and more bugs, I added a new one of my own design: "Death to LH!" (That was the name of the slightly stuck-up Head Imp). No doubt she heard and resented it, but since they had all decided to remain wizinvis, she couldn't react in her usual hard-handed way. Soon the entire mud was chanting "Death to LH!" in unison, mixed with "Take it as a Challenge!"

The funny part of it all was, that although the combat code worked pretty normal, we all scored negative exp points for each kill. We kept it up all day, and in the end me and my groupmates had all reached level minus 40. I think that must be some sort of record.

Needless to say this all didn't do much to improve my relations with the Head Imp (which were already a bit strained). But to this very day I still think that I more or less saved the mud for her. Without me and my partners in crime, she would most likely have lost a lot more of her players.
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well,its kinda a small bug , but its funny

put sai portal
Shaolong puts a pair of sai in street peddler

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