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My Introduction...

Greetings. My real name is Chris. I have been playing muds for around 10 years. The first I started with was gemstone, but only played it for the free trial as it cost a monthly fee and being young, I couldn't afford it. I then found a Mud known as Elysium ( port 7777) I have not found another mud like it. It is not exp based which is nice, the closest thing exp related would be your fame level which mostly just increases your health. This in itself makes it different. Other then that it has a small player base so when I type 'who' I don't have to go through 10 pages of idler names as Idling is not permitted. The realm over the years has lost its RP value but that is because it needs a new spring of RPer's who can actually RP. Although if you are to try it, I suggest you be ready to bite your tongue or get a beat down as some of the older players don't like to be tested and until you develop they will beat you harshly. The weakest part of the RP is that there are no true good guys. I am currently playing a paladin type character, but 1 against the world is rough. Come join me if you ever are looking for something different. Just give me a hollar in the game and I will be more then glad to help you along. Character's name is Frydret. Other's will gladly help aswell. Perhaps I will find me a mud on here that is similar but with more RPer's.
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