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Yeah, um.. I'm not sure where to post, so I'll just put it here.  Whoever wrote that last review is either extremely unlucky, or he needs to check the urine content of his breakfast cereal.  He thought that goods could get levels by killing good mobs. *wrong, that causes exp loss*  Also, the more important point he made, was he got slaughtered once he passed level 10, no roleplay.  Few responses:

1) Its a pk mud, expect to die.  There's no immortal characters, just a healthy amount of lives.
2) We got alignments (good, neutral and evil), it states someplace that alignment-based pks make up a lot of killings, which is true. Think this guy made a dark-knight or something.
3) You're not safe above level 10, you use 'where pk' and remember everyone is a potential THREAT at every level.  Or stay below level 10 until you are ready to enter the crossfire.

We have some limits to prevent players mass pking at the low levels, lots of information on our webpage about the classes, etc.  As well as me spending most my free time enforcing the pk rules, and improving aspects of the game.  This poor review has been answered by giving mortals a new command to bring characters with poor roleplay to the attention of the immortals, so we can get an idea of who to watch.  Total number reported so far = 1, and he's been playing less than two weeks, after I caught him the first time he logged in and showed him around, so not too surprising there.

Thats all I want to say about that.. sorry for interrupting the regular flow of reviews and such.
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