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Maiden Desmodus -- Seeking RPAs

Maiden Desmodus has undergone a recent change in management, and with that comes the opportunity to change the way we did some things...

I am now seeking 3-4 role-play administrators to form a core staff of dedicated individuals to help facilitate, drive, and inspire role-play on the live server. Candidates should be familiar with role-play required MUDs and need not have any prior experience on Maiden Desmodus.

Those familiar with Shadows of Isildur, Atonement, Harshlands, Forever's End, and/or any of the other sister MUDs to that group will have a good idea of the standards expected of the new MD RPAs. I also welcome anyone who has worked for me in the past on Harshlands or Forever's End (where I was known as Rhubenio) to apply.

A bit about the current state of Maiden Desmodus...

MD's world file is composed of a large island with two kingdoms and a neutral wilderness area. These kingdoms are oppositional in religion and belief, fueling an ongoing conflict between the two of them that can be directed by players taking part in mass warfare and holding key areas of the world with their armies to affect taxes, perks, and economics. We do not use cloned rooms and many areas present environmental "noise" and effects. Players are able to expand the world through the creation of their own private and cabal estates.

We are a skill and level-based game with five distinct guilds that each grant access to additional skill trees including blood magic, nature magic, advanced weaponry, medicine and firearms, stealth/thieving. Players also get to pick a tradeskill of forging, herbalism, carpentry, tailoring, or goldsmithing, which can all be used to craft just about every object in the game. There are several hundred skills to master.

Our economic system is fueled by gold which can be obtained through the completion of workhouse tasks, NPC-granted quests, or the manufacture/sale/trade of objects in our marketplace.

Unlike many MUDs, one of MD's focuses is on NPC interaction. You can talk extensively with most NPCs to learn more about them, their history, and the goings on in the game. The depth to which this is all interconnected is incredible. Players can even spread rumours about themselves through NPCs to help facilitate their own background and place in the world.

You can connect to MD via any client with host "" port "4000". The best way to play is of course through use of our web client which features live mapping and data display including health meters, quick-use icons, and full MXP support. Use the client at "".

To apply for a RPA position please create a character in the game and then send a letter of interest to "wade (at)" that includes your character name so that we can speak real-time and you can have a tour of the game.

Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration.

- Mabonfolde (aka, Wade)

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