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Act of War: the Last Stand

Act of War: the Last Stand is seeking new players as well as the return of past players.

Act of War: the Last Stand is a kingdom based team PK MUD.
Web page, wiki and forums located at Act of War – The Last Stand
To play point your MUD client to port 4000

Experience the rush of defeating your enemies with a co-ordinated and synchronized attack orchestrated by your team of players made up of complementary classes. Choose the class that fits your play style and group with other members of your kingdom to seek out the enemy and crush them. Or raid the stronghold of an enemy kingdom to capture and destroy their leader. Participate in Admin lead quests and special events to gain prestige, honor and "tokens" of appreciation for your character and your kingdom.

Choose one of three kingdoms (or sides) to lend your arms and spells:

Tier - (chaotic good) the break-away kingdom from the its former tyrannical ruler. Lead by Prince Tornoah
new player friendly

Kael - (lawful good) the strict, militaristic faction built from the ashes of the former realm. Lead by the General
new player friendly

Undermountain - (chaotic evil) where almost anything can happen. Lead by the Matron Mother and her cohorts
note - Undermountain (UM) experiences some handicaps in general play. New players welcome, but
suggested for experienced players.

Act of War has existed since 1998 in various renditions. It has attracted an enthusiastic and dedicated group of players over the years, many of whom would agree that "Act of War: the Last Stand" is the best team PK MUD on the planet. Under the fair and even-handed guidance of Head Administrator Hobbie "Act of War: the Last Stand" is the best version of this exciting MUD to exist in memory.

Visit the web-page for more information on this exciting, fun-filled experience (Act of War – The Last Stand)

Come join the fray at 4000

Glory (and a world of team PK fun) awaits!
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