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The Southlands staff is seeking two people without current characters on the mud to play special quest characters.  I cannot make the details public, but the characters will have to be wicked beyond anything the mud has seen.  

If interested, please email
After ten days I will go over all applications and chose two.  If you would like to play these positions with a friend, please send your applications together.  NO OOC COMMUNICATION ABOUT THE GAME (beyond things like 'wasn't that awesome'... no ooc exchange of online time or location or items or directions will be tolerated, we will be watching carefully), but sometimes it's fun to play with a friend. Applications should include your rp background, what you usually enjoy playing, an example of your most evil character to date, the ammount of time you have to put in, and what is most important to you in a roleplay environment.

The characters will be statted and skilled according to the background we've written for them, but beyond that, you will develop the persona and wreak the havoc.

For more information on The Southlands, please see our webpage at

It is -highly- reccommended that you check that out before playing.

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I just want to remind all you guys about this. There's still plenty of time to apply for those two special characters on the mud. And if that's nothing for you I'd like to mention that we are of course accepting other character applications at the moment. Here are a few examples of characters we need:

Daga'Suut - A culture and tribe of rangers of its own.
Sole nobles - House Sole runs the libraries of the elven Empire and records events into the historical chronicles.
Kondei nobles - These fierce warriors are the leaders of the elven armed forces.
MendiKu nobles - These elves are the imperially supported drug producers.
Zuntohki - The craftsmen of this village need more carvers, tailors and silversmiths.
Jai Chen - This is the imperial mage guild, religious and devout.
Militia - Join the militia and protect the elven citizens from crime and violence.

Well, my list is at its end, but we accept most character concepts if they fit with the documentation and the world in general.

I welcome you to the world of Southlands!

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