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The Broken World is a varied and interesting mud with players from all around the world. Though post apoka in setting, the
concept is creative and allow a lot of playing around with ideas. We feature 300 mortal levels and a number of guilds and
quests. The world suits all sorts of players, be they questers, chatters, pkers (optional), powergamers or wizards. There is a
lot to explore and the atmosphere is very friendly and helpful.

The game is still small and we dont have a throng of players, but what we got is of good quality and the players enjoy themselves. The wizards are friendly and each of them work on things they like and in a pace they have set out for themselves. Fun and an stressless wizard environment is one of the corner stones. Another is our zero tolerance regarding any kind of abuse or harassment. All in all, this have worked out well this far.

We use the LDmud driver and our own mudlib with many specials. In the end, we do not strive to have the worlds largest mud, but rather a mud that we love and can honestly call our dream mud.

We have a very laidback and creative environment for everyone who wishes to contribute and do something fun. We We are currently working on creating a levelless wizsystem, but until then is there plenty of room for advancement. You will not be required to work within one field only. Sure we want you to create an area, but apart from that are you free to pursue your interestes.

Alright, a few of the features for wizards are:

1) A flexible and fully customised security system that allows any wizards to be in charge of access to his or hers files (read/write/exceute/etc and admins can override).

2) A time system that keeps track of days, nights, weeks, months, years, seasons, etc and ways to actually use that smoothly in the game down to detail level.

3) A property system that keeps track on any- and everything like colors, materials, holiness, etc.

4) The POWERFUL! Shell. :]

And much more...

With all said and done, the Broken World is an rather young mud compared with many of the old mud giants out there, but we like to think that wehave found our own niche.

So why not connect and give us a try? Join our community and help create a world.

Alternatively mail some sort of application to
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