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Ultimate Realms has three open builder positions.
We are looking for looking for people that have drive,
imagination, and at least a general knowlege of MUDs.

We don't mind training those who have no experiance
whatsoever; we only ask that the prospective trainee
should be prepared to dedicate at LEAST 10 hours a week to the MUD, and learning the ropes.

We are a medieval fantasy MUD, and I know this must
sound like such an over used statment to many of you,
but, if you give us a chance I'm sure you'll find that we
are quite above the 'norm'. We've built most everything on
our MUD from scratch, and that's one of the many points we pride ourselves on.

Having spent as much time working on our MUD as we
have, you can understand why we demand good wizards to code it. Following is a bit of information about
Ultimate Realms.

1) LPC codebase - don't know it? We can teach you.

2) PK is allowed under certain circumstances, but usually restricted.

3) We strongly encourage RP, and our enviroment is
focused heavily on player interaction.

4) We are trying to build a 'world' not the hack and slash gore fest of a 13 year old.

5) Right now most of the programing is done, and we have able coders to answer any questions, and a
very friendly (though sometimes nutty) staff.

6) We use a class system, and a guild system though the ideas behind both are much more realistic.
(ie. A guild in most muds is a social club, and they could be static (ie. have a hall somewhere, and be part of the world), or they can be entirelly player created. Our guilds are what guilds are actually supposed to be: the learning of a profession.)

7) Our class' feature such intrests as 'samurai'.

8) Massive world (10k + rooms)

9) Extensive history. Our history covers about 80
thousand years of events, wars, plagues, and ties
everything together in intricate ways.

10) We have the 'traditional' medieval fantasy races:
Orc, Elf, Human, Dwarf - in combination with a
few uniques that we came up with. The Veknash, and
the Koga.

11) Our MUD is built around players taking roles in the
socio-political arenas of the world, and a player
can achieve a wide assortment of positions. Barron,
Count, Duke, King, and Emporer are all available.

12) Class' are thought of as part of your social status
and so depending on a player choice, they could
join a mercenary hall for free, and though having
little pay, and low social status, achieve enough
martial skill, and gold so that they could purchase
a certificate of nobility, and join the Knight class. (This is just an example, there are many ways to become a Knight, and there are many class' to think about.)

I hope this has been informative enough, if you would like to apply for the job please log on at: port: 2222

If you would like to talk to me personally my information
follows. I will be asking all of our builders for their information, so I'd love to hear from you over AIM, or via mail, just as much as I'd like to see you on UR.

Yahoo: MoightyQ

Hope to hear from you soon!

- Mtyq, Arch of Personnel
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