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So, MUD promotion posts. Filled with boastful declarations and vapid hyperbole, they scream the virtues of their MUD at you in an attempt to win new players one exclamation point at a time. This isn't one of those posts. Because all you, the adventure-hungry MUD seeker, want to know -- the only reason you're reading this -- is: "What is LegendMUD, and why should I care?"

I'll give you two reasons why. One, we've been one of the most unique and entertaining MUDs around for 12 years already, with something to offer every type of player. And two, we just added a whole bunch of great new stuff you should really check out. (Scroll down if you just want to check out the newness.)

What is LegendMUD? Imagine an Earth where time is fractured, and performing menial tasks can get you sent backwards or forwards through time, from ancient days all the way through the Industrial period, in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but all of the great myths and legends from history are real: from mystical sidhe dwelling in the forests of ancient Ireland, to ravenous sea monsters patrolling the unexplored waters of the medieval Atlantic, to fiendish hellhounds prowling the fog-choked moors of 19th century England. And depending on where you grew up, you can use powerful magic known to the ancients, or master modern firearms and vehicles developed in the last two centuries, or everything in between!

Some of you are bloodthirsty pkillers looking for war and glory, while others of you like to hack and slash your way to advancement and ever greater rewards, while still others thrive on the social interaction with new and interesting people. Legend has something for all of you, whether it's an extensive system of moods, socials, and custom character and item descriptions for the roleplayers, or a rewarding PvP combat system and ClanWar games for the pkillers. So no matter what aspect of MUDding is your cup of tea, you can fill your teapot to overflowing with us.

What's more, in celebration of our 12th birthday, we've just added a ton of new features! They include:

- A brand new area, Dartmoor: a haunting English countryscape based on the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

- A new hometown. Now, in addition to the previous five starting locations spread throughout history, you can choose to begin your adventure in San Francisco during the gold rush.

- New skills for those who start their journey in San Francisco: you can literally show your enemies the business end of your shiny new revolver with the pistolwhip skill, and now you can choose to forego traditional weapons altogether and arm yourself with a second gun, using both to devastating effect, with twogun!

- Era experience: A new set of goals for those who have leveled their characters to maximum, allowing them to designate exp gained in certain time periods to learn brand new, high-powered skills, including Vicious Backstab, Deathtrap Avoidance and Standing Regen!

- Built-in aliases allow you to designate your own personal keywords for people, objects, commands, channels etc.

- New grouping code allows you to follow a different player and split off into separate parties, all while remaining in the same group.

Additionally, the past year has seen the following great new additions to LegendMUD:

- New areas: Tartarus, Land of Shadows expansion (SL2)

- New forum at

- New regeneration spells and item effects decrease your healing and regen time!

- Spell abilities improve the more you cast them! (Don't worry, lack of use does not degrade them.)


There's a lot more I could write, but this is already kind of dragging on, isn't it. Just come check us out. No matter what kind of player you are (even if you've played Legend before), we've got something that will interest you. And the future? That only holds more.
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