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Shadows of Isildur: The Mines of Moria

The year is 2480 of the Third Age.

Deep within the great forest Mirkwood, something stirs. Vast regiments of orcs, trolls, and goblin-kin have been seen marching southward from the blasted, shattered remains of the dreaded Angmar, guided by some invisible hand, their ravenous sight set upon the Misty Mountains and the secrets they conceal.

The Kingdom of Gondor struggles with grief and despair at the loss of its leader, Denethor I, and the destruction of its ancient capital, Osgiliath. His heir, Boromir, assumes the Stewardship, untested in the art of leadership despite having suffered grievously in battle at the hands of the East after the Fall.

In the shadowy citadel of Minas Morgul, the cobbled roads once again ring with the dread sound of countless iron-shod boots as the orcs, trolls and goblins there assemble and prepare for their march to the northwest - eager to regain honor and status lost to the humans of Tur-Edendor; thirsty for the conquest of a new territory.

And all the while, hidden and lurking in the sulfurous depths, beneath the perception of everything but nightmare, an ancient, alien presence of shadow and flame awaits, oblivious to man and orc alike for only a short time longer. . .

Shadows of Isildur: The Mines of Moria, the most significant single installment to the popular RPI since its inception in 2002, will open vast new regions and opportunities to players, including some of the following features:

* One of the most storied locales in Middle-earth. The expansion will open Moria and its surrounding regions to play, linked to our current game-world via a new TRAVEL command to ensure playerbase cohesion. The building foundation for Moria's environs also places us in close proximity to numerous other important locations, including Fangorn and Orthanc, the forests of Lorien, and what will soon become Rohan, laying the groundwork for many years of expansion to come.

* All-new areas, objects, crafts and NPCs. The new area will be roughly a third to half the size of our current in-game grid, entailing thousands of new rooms, objects, crafts and NPCs for our players to enjoy, all meticulously hand-crafted to the standards you have come to expect from Shadows of Isildur.

* All-new code. Some of the features going live on the day of the expansion's release will include the completion and availability of our long-awaited magic system, code that will support poisons (applied on weapons or ingested otherwise) and diseases, nefarious traps placed both in rooms and on objects, and a military conflict resolution system, deciding the fate of massive forces that meet in conflict upon the field of battle.

* All-new focus. Moria and its environs present one of the largest opportunities for excitement and adventure to be found anywhere in Middle-earth. While social roleplay, politics and economics dominate our current roleplay venues in Gondor and Mordor, players in the Misty Mountains will find themselves tossed headfirst into trials and tribulations that will keep even the most diehard dungeon-delvers on their toes.

* All-new freedom. For the first time in the game's history, players will have an immediate and noticeable impact upon epic events in Tolkien's chronology. No longer will the outcome of conflict and strife be predestined; Middle-earth is in your hands now.

* A third playable faction. The orc-kin of Moria, eager to subjugate and exploit the newly-infested Misty Mountains, provide an opportunity to engage in brutal and savage elements of roleplay not found anywhere else. Though originally agents of the East, this bloodthirsty colony of orc-kin grows more autonomous by the day, leaving Minas Morgul and Tur-Edendor with only a tenuous hold on their allegiance, and the Kingdom of Gondor with enemies at both gates. . .

Shadows of Isildur: The Mines of Moria is tentatively slated for release sometime in early 2008. Be sure to check our website at regularly for updated information!

We'll see you in Moria.
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Re: Shadows of Isildur: The Mines of Moria

(Hey man, good to see all is well with you and that things are still going good!)
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