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Alter Aeon October 2017 Update

Last month we implemented a new combat system, introducing ranged attacks for weapons like bows, crossbows, blowguns and slings, and we presented a number of skills and spells to support this new feature, such as 'marksmanship', 'point-blank combat', 'quickloading', 'bowcrafting,' and 'fletching'. Old skills like 'flame blade' and 'poison weapon' were retooled to work with ranged weapon ammunition.

The new minor crafting skills 'hatmaking', 'heraldry' and 'bonecraft' were also added. We have introduced a number of new wood types, including continent exclusive and extraplanar species, and planar fish types and foraged items. Also new special holiday craftables have been made available.

This month, we intend to add lapidary for carving stones and gemcutting for making gems, and possibly the first tier of metallurgy skills, for metal studs, arrowheads, sling bullets, shield rims and jewelrysmithing for rings, bracelets, necklaces and headgear to mount gems in.

We are also working on the account system so we can get account based friends lists and improve account based ignore functions.

A number of new areas are slated to be released in October. For high level players, there will be the Ryuu Rookery, a level 40 area for north-central Suboria. For lower level players, a number of areas colloquially known as “Fairyland” will be opened on the island of Archais.

In September we were treated to an event by the builder Aziz inspired the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, which was an indisputable success, and the first of its kind.

This month, we will enjoy the Halloween-themed event known as “Halloween Havoc”, which will begin on Friday, October 27th and run to Thursday, November 2nd. As usual, this much-anticipated annual event will be orchestrated by the skilled and experienced world builder, Morpheus.

For more information, please see our monthly update audio presentation here:

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