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The advent of our Fourth Age of Thera and the reinstatement of the Nexus cabal through our GI-normous questage that we just finished is really only half of the story.  The cabal structure allows those unaffiliated with the bad magic of the Scions, and also uninterested in taking up the banner of the Light to rid Thera of all ne'er do wells.  The Nexus cabal appeals to those who wish to maintain the  Balance in Thera.  

Now I know what you're thinking.  Another Balance cabal of boring folks sitting around talking about neutrality and wisdom.  WRONG!  The Nexus keeps an eye on the Balance of Thera. If the Light tips the scales, then Lightwalkers must be culled.  If the Darkness tips the scales, then they flip sides and begin culling evildoers. They are the flip-flopping politicians of Thera in the 'killing whoever is in power' business.....and business is good.

Another thing this unique cabal watches over is the Prismatic Veil.  The proverbial barrier that seperates the Prime Material Plane from the Plane of Magic from which all mana is drawn from.  At times this Veil is thick, and therefore harder to permeate. Magic is weak at this time..spells fail more, duration goes down...mages=unhappy.  Battleragers(magic haters)=Happy!  At other times the Veil is thin and magic flows easily..Mages=Happy.  Battleragers=Unhappy.
But this thickness and thinness is NOT random, and can be influenced by players.  Haters of magic can kill magical beings, sacrifice magical items, etc etc. Nexus and other Veil sympathizers can bring magical items to the Veil to have them absorbed into it, thereby increasing the flow of magic through.  

So in essence we have hard coded a trump factor into the Anti-Magic vs Magic war.  Mages want their power to be at its peak to battle the savage Village then they strategize a thinning of the Veil at precisely the right time.  Vice Versa with the Battleragers except theres not a lot of strategy there..they just kill stuff.

Sound fun? Sound Unique? Sound Interesting?

You bet your a$$ it does.

So come check it out!  Carrion Fields is a sit-down immerse yourself in the world and politics kind of game.  Once over the hump as it were its vast world is addicting and consuming.  If you are afraid of a full blown obsession with a world, its players, and everything about it.  Then please, don't come.  But if you're looking for a long-term MUDing home that will  bring you YEARS of satisfaction and anguish. Then come on down. 9999

Try us out. I dare you.
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