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Hello - I'm here to tell everyone about my MUD, Realm of Shadows. I take much pride in the work that I, and my staff have put into this MUD to make it a truely unique and enjoyable experience. We retain almost every new player that stops in which is something that I am very proud of - unfortunately, with so many MUDs out there its difficult to effectively spread the word so I'm turning to this community now in hopes some of you will come join me Realm of Shadows is a fantasy / medieval themed MUD that boasts many features. Some of them are -

* True Multiclassing - the ability to later on choose a second class and then switch between the two to level up while retaining skills/spells regardless of your prime class.
* Randomly generated items - Yes, entirely random - generated object names / materials / affects - allows for very interesting equipment and compulsion constantly trying to improve your gear.
* Automated Questing - Mobmaster quests which give you a mob based on your level and reward you with increasing experience point bonuses, and just regular quests that send you to kill a target in a designated amount of time for quest points that can be used for buying some very nice and unique items.
* Staff lead invasion quests - A specific area is invaded with a chosen mob - each of them having unique values, 25% will be worth quest points, 25% will be worth extra experience points, 25% will be carrying larger amounts of gold and 25% will have a random item.
* Very newbie friendly! - Newbies will be given the option upon creation to state if they're new - newbie benefits include bonus experience points for killing, helpful advice messages, and the ability to examine an object and see affects without a mage to identify it.
* Fun staff! - We like to have fun, we have perks like double experience points and automatic object identification.
* Optional PK - Some people like PKing, others don't - we get this and we let people decide that for themselves rather than force one or the other.
* God lead followings - Demigods and Lesser Gods lead followings - Mortals may worship them to join them - there are many benefits to being in a following. Followings have storage rooms, and can declare other followings enemies or allies - enemies will do extra damage to each other in combat. The FLI (Following Level Immortals) may cast spells on their followers and may also elect to Ordain some. Ordainment is a special class that can only be obtained via selection of an FLI.
* Over 3,000 rooms and growing! - There are many places to go, and more are always coming!

I hope I've enticed some people to stop by and give us a try - you won't regret it

check us out today - Realm of Shadows: The Rebirth port 1133

I look forward to meeting you,
Syriac - Implementor, Realm of Shadows
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