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The Lands of Aethar - Looking for Players &/or Builders

Hey everyone!

Looking for a new MUD or burnt out on your current one? Want to be an integral part of a small community? Want to take pity on a MUD that has a low pbase?

If you said yes to any of these questions (or even no for that matter). You should swing by The Lands of Aethar! []

Over the past month my colleague (Lyewund) and I (Urza) have received access to the source code for Aethar and have begun adding new content like our
lives depend on it. Seriously though our lives depend on it, our players have finished all the existing content and have started hunting us for sport .

In an effort to curb their blood-lust we have added quite a few new features and have begun cleaning up some of the older ones:
  • Professions - A subset of crafting that lets you make some pretty awesome utility items that help in combat and navigating around Aethar.
  • Factions - Gain reputation in towns and watch as the citizens actually respond to how well respected or despised you are.
  • Equipment Crafting - No more cookie cutter gear! Make your gear truly unique by dictating what stats it recieves with no two pieces of gear having the same stats!
  • Abilities - A replacement to stats that make your class combination even more meaningful.
  • Ability trees - Similar to perks, the ability trees offer a way for you to min-max the progression of your character in a specialized manner.
  • Automated and Daily Quests along with a journal to track your progress.
  • Several new currencies and micro-economies.
  • Player owned housing and shops.
  • Mini-games (Casino games currently, but more to come in the coming weeks!)
  • Prestige ranks to help show seniority

This of course is just a list of new content we have added in the past month with at least weekly updates and daily support if anything goes haywire.

Lyewund and I have been playing for several years now and there is absolutely no chance of us abandoning Aethar. (Unless there is some apocalyptic event,
in which case all bets are off and we wish you the best of luck!) So you will never have to worry about a lack of support. If you decide to make Aethar
your home away from home, or even your home away from your home away from your home then you won't be disappointed.

We may have a small player base, but we make up for it in our dedication to our players. If anyone has any complaints, concerns, or even ideas we take each
request seriously and either remedy the issue or implement the content. We are a combat heavy mud but are trying to regain our roots in both roleplaying and player-killing,
and if you have experience in either of these areas we would be happy to have you as a part of our MUD family.

We look forward to seeing you in Aethar. If you have any questions feel free to post (if applicable, as I will be posting this in several locations) and we will answer
any of your questions you may have or you can always login and speak with us directly.
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