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A letter written in a smooth flowing script has been posted about Naerlan for all to see.

People of Tharel,
   I write to you in a time of urgency... The Rod of Destruction that has brought so much death and turmoil to the land has resurfaced. Three quarterns of the rod are in the land. All possible effort must be taken to prevent these quarterns from reaching the hands of the Darkness. In order for this to happen, the Light must be reinforced! Our numbers have shrunk dramatically in the past years because of the growing Darkness. I urge you, find your way to one of the temples of the Light... Join us, and help put and end to the Darkness once and for all. Let us join together as one, and eliminate the threat. We are counting on you! It is you and those like you who will determine the fate of our great land!

The letter is left unsigned...

At Adventures Unlimited, we have many features that make it a fun place to play. An extensive temple and clan system, a quest system which takes into account a person's temple and strength when handing out quests, many immortal-run quests, an active immortal staff, a tradeguild system where characters create armor and weapons, and too many others to list.

Come and join us at Adventures Unlimited, where mortals shape the world. port 5005
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