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Post The Seventh Sun is back!

Greetings from Xaltoria!

It is my pleasure to announce the return of The Seventh Sun: Age of Prosperity.

TSS is a medieval fantasy themed MUD set in the completely original world of Xaltoria. Rich, detailed history and lore, breathtaking concept art by renowned fantasy artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, and a dedicated staff of developers are but a handful of the wonders that await players in Xaltoria.

Take a look at this snapshot of features:
  • 16 Classes
  • Commoner Class has choice of a variety of trades and crafting classes (all can craft, only Commoners can be Master Craftsmen)
  • 14 Races
  • Player-run House and Family systems
  • 2 Kingdoms offering different levels of Player vs. Player (PvP) interaction
  • Emphasis on questing
  • Enforced role-playing
For details on these features and much more, please visit our website at The Seventh Sun - Age of Prosperity.

Take a look around, browse our site and wiki, register on the forums to take part in discussion with staff and other future players. While the game is not currently open for players, we highly encourage folks to stop by and check us out. Keep an eye on our website for information about what's in store for our Alpha/Beta phases.


Website: The Seventh Sun - Age of Prosperity
Wiki: Main Page - TSS - World of Xaltoria
Forums: The Seventh Sun Talk

Social Network representation

Facebook: The Seventh Sun | Facebook

Below is a synopsis from our designer, Xixory.

In the world of Xaltoria, you decide what you will do and where you will go. Choose to be a brave adventurer combing the vast underground catacombs for lost secrets of the world. Dive to the bottom of oceans and lakes to investigate caverns hiding ages of treasure.

Discover what is in the middle of the Rift or at the top of a mountain. Be a fierce warrior protecting the villages from the threat of Rift Spawn or invasions from other lands. Explore caves and ruins, chasing off foul creatures and protecting the roads for safe travel. Stand up against invading Kingdoms, or fight for your Ruling House.

Be a politician and run a House. Charge sales tax and property tax, and use the money to develop your House's area and watch it grow into the greatest city in your Kingdom. Do you have what it takes to found a village and mold it into a prosperous city?

Choose to be a merchant, traveling the kingdom and selling your goods. Start an Import-Export business, an auction house, a tavern, or an inn. Run a shop and sell the goods of local tradespeople.

Be a trade person crafting exquisite armor, jewelry, or building fine furniture and houses. Brew special potions and salves that will do anything from helping to heal injuries to dyeing hair. Bake delicious foods that will help people recover more quickly from battles. Sew beautiful gowns and cloaks or make boots that will allow people to walk farther without becoming tired.

Let's not let the power and possibility of Magic go unnoticed. Become a Summoner harnessing the powers of the elements. Be an Enchanter and control and manipulate your environment. Take on the role of a vile Necromancer commanding the legions of the dead and corrupting the bodies of your fallen enemies.

Whatever you choose to do is up to you. Be what you want. Go where you want. Play how YOU want.
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Re: The Seventh Sun is back!

Been following your progress, but seems the website. forum and/or server has been down for a week or so.

Any updates?
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Re: The Seventh Sun is back!

lol I've been looking through the website/wiki and this looks like my ideal MUD... I wish I could play it like.. right now!!! hahaha....
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Re: The Seventh Sun is back!

Yes! Its been about 4 years? I am determined to play this game, especially since I donated. I haven't seen the new site or if anything is new since then, but I am just as excited to play as I was back then. I just don't have as much time anymore.

Anyway, see you in game.
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