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The Dark Age of Cybertron MUSH

Four millenia ago, when Earth was still in it's infancy, the Golden Age of Cybertron was fast crumbling under the strain of war. Though the Decepticons' ruthless ambitions are met defiantly by the Autobots at every turn, many struggle to survive reliant on the protection of the new Autobot commander, Optimus Prime, and the often non-existant mercy of Megatron. Even those safe in the vaunted Crystal City find themselves questioning the mechinations of the manipulative Solarix during these troubling times. And what of Cubicron, that most wretched hive of scum and villainy, where most whom wish to ally themselves to nobody end up? In these Dark Ages of Cybertron, who will you trust?

Recently on Dark Ages of Cybertron, the Decepticons have used a clone of Jazz to infiltrate Iacon and turn its' defenses against the Autobots! An evacuation called, the Decepticons also let loose Roboraptors in the base to cause more havoc. Finally, after almost three weeks of living at their secondary base, the Autobots have returned home.
Meanwhile, the repairs to Crystal City has been completed, and a new project has begun - known to the public simply as Project Apollo, and Solarix has announced a bounty on the invasive Turborats still plagueing the city.
The Decepticons themselves hold almost all of the territory on Cybertron's surface, but they have troubles of their own - a rebellion in the works, of mechs and womechs tired of the sordid conditions and the supplies that seem to dissapear mid-transit throughout Polyhex' cityscape.

Join us today! We have online chargen and helpful staff with a lot to do! With an optional combat system we have something for everyone!
port: 7775
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