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Threshold will become famous soon enough
Threshold: Kleiburn and WTF: Undead that can learn?

Kleiburn: Sunday, May 26, 4pm - ??? (EDT)

Kleiburn the Traveler returns with his incredible and amazing wares for auction.

Kleiburn returns at a time when the adventuring world is in flux. The new ethoi of Order and Chaos continue to send ripples through the religious community. The Gods have asked all followers to privately and individually communicate who they believe are their top 3 allies and top 3 enemies. Heresy is being rooted out, yet some heretics cling to it stronger than ever. How different will the future be from the past?

Undead That Can Learn?

The strangeness with the undead continues to get weirder. The pacifist undead zombies seem unusually smart and have shown the ability to learn. With patience and perseverence, basic communication skills have been taught. The periodic attacks of "normal" aggressive undead have continued. They almost seem to be hunting down the more intelligent ones. Why?

Recent visits from Kleiburn have tended to coincide with important moments in Sablean and Thracian history. Will he have insights to share on both of these issues of the day?


What is Threshold?

Threshold is one of the longest running RP required games on the internet. Founded in 1996, it has a large, stable population of players who add to the amazing, constantly evolving world story. Threshold has 23 years of REAL history!

Best of all, Threshold's community loves bringing new players into the realm and letting them add their ideas, imagination, and stories to the greater fabric of the game world.

From a game mechanic standpoint, Threshold features:
  • 13 unique classes and 11 races.
  • A huge world that has expanded and grown over 23 years. Players have shaped and altered it.
  • A rich pantheon of active Gods whose religions are run by players. Holy wars, constantly changing alliances, and intense drama abound in the religion system.
  • Incredible character customization with numerous systems that gradually layer on as you get more familiar with the game.
  • A player run economy with shops, crafting, and resource gathering.
  • A player run government with an advanced legal system, judges, juries, Mayors, and more.
  • Mini-games like Trial Arcanus, Quail Hunting, card games, chess, and many more.
  • A living, breathing world where players constantly make things interesting and your actions matter.

Check it out:

Web client:

See you on Threshold!
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