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The Vorpal Tribble
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I've posted posts before about the wonderful qualities of Accursed Lands. Its strict observation to details, its realism, its vast wilderness, original and in depth theme... but on another plane of existence dwells the creatures of [chat].
For not content with merely RPing ICly, many players have also come to have their own [chat] identities... OOCly. Some have even gone so far as to writing about their ridiculous and generally way too overpowered personae upon the chat channel.

Here is mine:

Name: Vorpal Tribble

Phylum: Unknown

Gender: Male

Description: A vorpal tribble with extremely long, wildly writhing fur glistening with a metallic black sheen. He has no visible eyes, ears or appendages of any kind, resembling nothing so much as a great furry ball. However, nearly level with the ground is a gigantically gaping mouth full of row after row of inwardly curving, edged teeth. A large, mobile tongue flicks about excitedly and darts in and out of his mouth randomly.

Weight: 500 lbs.

Height: 3 feet

VT is able to digest anything carbon-based directly through his 'fur' without any ill effects.
The fur can change its outer layer to nearly any composition, including metalics, as well as changing in density and length at will, including monofilaments. The strong coat of muscle directly beneath its skin can move the fur in any way, form and fashion.

The mouth is boneless like the rest of the body, and can stretch open to fantastic dimensions. The teeth are much like a sharks in the ability to grow back continuously. The coat of mucous inside the mouth can protect it from even the most corrosive acids and spices, as well as extremes of temperature and radiation. Once exposed to air the mucous hardens, and coupled with the super-dense tissues inside can guard against many types of explosives and piercings. Once the material brought within the mouth has been brought to proper temperatures and acid levels it is swallowed. If the material is undigestible it is carried within to internal sacks and stored. This is where the raw materials for the fur's coating come from. The powerful muscles can generally crush and jellify nigh anything brough within the maw, and is therefore capable of powerful expectorations.

He has no ears or eyes, but its skin is so sensitive to vibrations that it can sense its surroundings such as bats and dolphins are capable, allowing it perfect vision even in pitch darkness.


Telekinesis: Though he is able to pulls himself along utilizing fur and muscle on his underside, he is far too massive to move faster in this way than the average human walk. This is hardly a liability however, for he is quite able of levitation of himself and other things of up to twice his body weight. Speed of telekentic movement depends on the weight of the object. Sand can be shot out with at near sonic speeds, while that approaching his weight limit can not be moved more than a couple inches per second.

Note: A Vorpal Tribble is a figment of your imaginations. He does not exist, except in your minds. I am such as dreams are made of.

Generaly resides within the hostile enviroment refered by him as the Undercouch. The Couch itself is a massive piece of furniture roughly the size of the country of Switzerland and height in access of several thousand feet. Its obscure origins have been lost to time and memory accept by its oldest inhabitant. Me.

Innumberal eons ago when the realm of the Creators was first being made, a couch was called into existence. A couch of such vast dimensions and comfort levels that even Xotl's posterior could sit in comfort. For millenia it was used and slowly but surely magic from the Creators soaked into it, though some speculate that that was just sweat and body oils. Evolution was sparked from time to time, and life grew within the sludge formed of the condiments, snacks and occasional softdrinks that had fallen beneath the cushions, or was kicked beneath the springs, for most were too lazy to even summon a maid. Creatures of all kinds eventually came to be. But the first, and by far the most vicious was, The Vorpal Tribble. Rising from the dorito-rich dust of the Undercouch and formed by the aimless auras of the great napping Eternals above, he took his first breath, and rapidly started to puke, caused by the smell of really really rancid cointhian leathers and rotting Cheetohs™. He has since been on a mission to refill his stomach and continues to this day.

Then finally, a female eternal with a sharp tongue demanded that a new couch be bought, and the Creator's Realm was redocorated and the old couch tossed out the backdoor.

The earliest recorded histories tell of a great flaming object that fell from above and landed with such force that it sunk several hundreds of feet. It took a thousand years for the tremors to subside, and several more for the local ecology to revive. But still there, always hungering, always wishing that he could stop smelling spoiled leather, lives the Vorpal Tribble.

Nonsense? You betcha. Though AL's theme is dark and dangerous, much you hear OOC is light hearted and humorous. If all else about AL is just not quite enough to tempt you, might I also throw in the social aspects. Many friends are met, though they may be murdering one another within Terrinor. I myself met a mysrra who came to be my best friend in real life. Come and play, chat, and have fun.

(Also feel free to put in your little chat character's history )
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