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Hey there. I go by the name of Nutai around these parts. Together with my good friend Josia, we are heading up a project to develop a new roleplaying game. "Oh great. Another one of these," you are probably thinking to yourself. Well, that's probably fair. Some chump is always trumpeting on about how he has some great new idea for a game that everyone and their grandmother knows he'll forget about next Wednesday.

Now while a case might be built for calling me a chump, we have been developing this in some form or another for a couple of years now, although we have only been in active development for about five months. Regardless, we have put more hours into this than I can count, so it won't be falling by the wayside any time soon.

"I don't care about that," you must be thinking. "What the heck is your game all about?" Good question. Well, between us and our other team members, we've had quite a few years of experience in both running and playing RP MUDs, and they always seem to be lacking. It's as though their roleplay develops in spite of their code, instead of alongside it. Thus, we are seeking to develop a system designed entirely to support and enhance roleplay.

How does code work to support roleplay? Well, it becomes a lot more detailed and interactive. First, we seek to have players develop their own skills and spells in game. This system is already almost entirely mapped out. Players learn different schools of training within each type of skill that are taught throughout the game world. They can then expand upon these schools, combine them, or create new ones that will provide them with unique abilities.

Secondly, we seek to develop realistic combat. Instead of filling the game with a host of increasingly preposterous attacks, we want to make the mundane more interesting. Combined with our skill systems, we can be certain that each school of combative training will provide its own unique approach.

Third, we want to create living NPC populations. Townspeople, monsters, and animals will have dynamic population models that will actually be reflected in the game. Along with this, NPCs will always be taking action on their own - creating storylines and advancing the progress of the world even if no Staff are available to help them along. The idea is that players will always be able to do something meaningful and fun when they log on, each and every time.

Finally, we believe that a living economy is vital to a good roleplaying game. Models of supply and demand will apply and everything that exists in the game will be able to be created within the game itself. Players and NPCs will get jobs, sign on as apprentices, and own businesses. Players will be able to haggle with NPCs over prices without Staff assistance. Cultural considerations will come into play within populations, which means that different styles of clothing, weaponry, food, dance, and more will be desired by the populous over time. I've already created fully playable models to demonstrate that these concepts will work.

Those are just the main concepts, however. We are taking a very organized and methodical approach towards reexamining every aspect of the roleplaying experience.

We've put together a strong team to date, but we can always use more help, and previous requests for contributors have yielded some invaluable team members and good friends. First and foremost, we are looking for coders with Java experience to supplement our coding team, which is led by our resident professional software engineer, Josia. We would also be receptive to positive and creative minds signing up with our design team, led by yours truly.

Keep in mind that this is a long-term project. We are willing to take the time to do things right, so that means that there will be no game to play for a good while now. Anyone who might be interested in joining us is invited to send me an email at with some information about your roleplaying/game-design/coding background and your ideals for a better roleplaying game. Please email, as I may miss replies here. I hope to hear from you.
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Hello everyone!

This is a little bump for my friend Nutai whom recruited me on to the team several monthes ago.

During my time helping out I have found the team very open and ready to answer questions. They are more then willing to welcome new members to the team and everyone has a say in decisions.

Speaking as a member of the coding team we could use another coder or two to speed up the implementing of our current design.

In any case, if you are interested please shoot an email out to as already mentioned.
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