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It had finally ended....
Though the dust still hung heavy in the air, and silence still held sway over the land, it was indeed over. The Rod of Destruction was once again removed from the land of Tharel. In the short few months that it had been in the lands, it had caused nothing but destruction. The first victim to face it's wrath was Ivilis Valos of the temple of Cylad, and the clan of Eternity. He had sought early on to stop the crazed pixie Yorkin from using the rod, and had paid a harsh price for his efforts. Then, a few days later, the same pixie tricked the troll known as Ergath of Elbar into using the rod on the first of the gods that have fallen. Ergath used the rod on the Mother Goddess, Gedria. Just outside of the ruins of Thalos, he activated the rod, destroying both himself and Gedria. This confirmed what Yorkin had believed all along. The Rod of Destruction was the way to rid the land of the gods. He disappeared, to await his next victim. While he waited, he was found by the mad god Sainos, who took the rod from him, and turned it on the Goddess Kiara and the God of Light, Crifus. Taking the total of dead gods up to three. In the blast, Sainos was thrown across the world, and the rod once again fell into the hands of Yorkin. He was chased across tharel by those of all races and creeds. Sought for the the power he gained. He was chased into elemental canyon, and there he was trapped by Sainos and Vallien, the God of Battle. There was a great battle between the two gods as they fought over who would take the rod from the pixie. In the end, Yorkin turned the rod on both of them, killing them and himself in the process. The Rod of Destruction had exploded, ending the threat to the land....

Now as the dust finally starts to settle, the people of the land slowly emerge from their homes. They survey the destruction, and slowly start to try and put their lives back together... It will take much time for the land to return to normal.

Help will be needed by many, can you help? Will you be one of those that help rebuild what was destroyed?
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