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Thumbs up OtherSpace: Join the Saga!

Your Worlds. Your Stories. Your Pose.
Spacers Landing | Your Worlds. Your Stories. Your Pose.

We're just a few months away from celebrating the 14th birthday of OtherSpace, an original-theme space opera MUSH that's been evolving since 1998. But right now's an excellent time to join the saga and become a central character in a story that you can help shape.

Although our staffers still run occasional story arcs on the MUSH, we've seen a great uptick in the number of player-driven plotlines. We want to see that trend continue!

Price of admission: A 250-word biography that gives us a sense of what your character's all about. Don't want to learn 14 years worth of lore? That's fine! For your first character, it's recommended that you pick a human from Earth - pick the 21st Century as their origin point, if you like! - and write a biography that explains how they were sucked through a blue energy rift and dropped into this strange new universe. Your lack of lore knowledge can actually turn into a plot hook!

Connect from your PC, Mac, or smart phone.

Before you take the leap, peruse the list of features:

* Text-based - no fancy graphics card or high-powered computer required
* Original space theme that's been evolving since 1998
* Growing multiverse - so far, it's divided between the Ancient Expanse, the Orion Arm, and the Palisade Pocket Dimension, but more are coming (and you can even create your own universe)
* Dozens of humanoid and alien races
* Collaborative storytelling
* Refereed combat scenes
* Roleplaying required while on the main in-character grid, but an OOC grid and OOC channels are provided for out-of-character socializing
* Crafting system that lets you build everything from guns to robots to starships to your own new inventions, empires and universes
* Home-brewed d10-style skill system
* Action cards that give a boost during more challenging events
* CSpace system that lets you focus more on exploring the galaxy than balancing equations
* Starship customization
* Own a home, business, or organization
* Achievement system that determines your monthly allowance of Saga Points, which can be spent on improving your skills, shared with an alt or another character, or crafting
* Veteran rewards - the longer you're part of the OtherSpace experience, the more goodies you get
* News system that chronicles current events
* Calendar for tracking upcoming RP activities
* Informational Wiki
* Main website features blogs for all registered players
* Community forums
* Facebook fan page
* +leaderboards command tracks who has the most Saga Points, the most money, the most achievement points, and the longest online time - weekly prizes for the top three in each category
* Private Minecraft server for sponsors who underwrite our server and marketing costs
* Regular communication from responsive lead developers about what's in progress, through forum posts, tweets, Facebook announcements, and video blogs

Apply for a character before March 1, 2012, get a bonus 250 Saga Points if you include the code TMS0212 in your biography.

Join our thriving MUSH community at OtherSpace. Your worlds. Your stories. Your pose.

Spacers Landing | Your Worlds. Your Stories. Your Pose.
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Exclamation Re: OtherSpace: Join the Saga!

Our new story arc, "Cold-Blooded Conquest," is set start in April. So it's an excellent time to get a character onto the grid and settled in before the sparks start flying!

OtherSpace MUSH
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