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Warning about NWA.

NWA - New World Ateraan.

Time I have played - 5 years.

I just want to provide players a quick warning about NWA and let you all into a few secrets about the actualy playability of the game as well as some advertising lies.

Advertising lies.

1. NWA has a "Donation" system. Whereby you can pay to receive a TOKEN In game per real life dollars. This can then be used to either purchase EXP/GOLD or enter special rooms at landmark donations such as $10 $25 all the way up to $1000 gaining access to the emerald rooms. The items bought range from Barrels of ale (Roleplay only) to things such as Tigers and Falcons which offer significant IC boosts to combat and also the delivering of items (Only obtainable in the pay rooms.).

On top of this at landmarks you receive extra gifts, for example at $500 you get to use a personal journal and this is the only way to pay for things. Around $800 you can travel around without passports. At $50 you get extra munitions purchase per 5 hours. At $100 you get significant roleplay gifts no one else can get.

Thus this game is not F2P it is Pay for Perks.

2. Who list Manipulation.

The advertising argues that this game has over 100 players on at any one time! This is false and it is due to two things, firstly nearly every player has a second and both are allowed to be logged in at the same time, this almost halfs the active playerbase online at that time. Secondly there are "Timers" which only count down whilst logged in. This means that players will AFK to keep these timers ticking as to not do so seriously limits your characters statistical progress.

Roleplay Impediments.

1. Staff will godplay characters. An example of this is in a trial with OOC motives by staff they used my character in an emote shouting from the hallway that "It's all true" whilst I as a player was trying to have my character say that it was not.

2. Conflict = OOC Punishment. If you attempt to enter any conflict RP it will be dictated by staff to the point that they will call you out on very little. For example if you have cause on a player and spend 2 days tracking them to catch them outside the Kingdom in lawless territory, they will prosecute OOC motives.

3. All leaders are played by staff. This means that even GL are limited to what they can do by INPC. For example the Commander of the Garrison MUST needs adhere to the "Fighterlord" whom is an INPC. The justice department must adhere to the "Seneschal" who is an INPC. Both cities are controlled by a leader Duke for GAHLEN, Overseer for DARMAHK. Both of which are INPC... Staff do not hesitate to use these to their advantage even with OOC info.


All in all it really is not a roleplay Mud worth accessing and now you have the truth if you wish to access it then do so with this knowledge because you can not blame anyone but yourself (Me Included) When you realize all this... I did about four years ago but continued anyway.
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Re: Warning about NWA.

If it's really so bad, why did you play for five years, and not a week?

Sounds more like you rather enjoyed the game up until some recent incident - like, you getting banned?
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dark acacia
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Re: Warning about NWA.

This looks like guerrilla marketing for Ateraan to me.

It worked for Materia Magica when the same kind of thread popped up here.
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Re: Warning about NWA.

Originally Posted by dark acacia View Post
This looks like guerrilla marketing for Ateraan to me.

It worked for Materia Magica when the same kind of thread popped up here.
It's confusing, for sure. Since he only has three posts on this forum in total, I took a peek at the other two posts. They're post #1 and #2 in a thread he started, as a review of the Burning Post, in January of last year. He seemed to really REALLY like that game - and seemed to have taken quite a lot of time and made a big effort to write his review in great detail.

And yet - here he is, not even two years later, showing up out of nowhere, to tell us how horrible Ateraan is. What's even more confusing, is that he has Ateraan listed as his home mud.

So - he knows he loves the Burning Post, so instead of playing that, he plays a game that he lists as his favorite, and writes a scathing flame against that very mud he lists as his favorite.

Either it's guerrilla marketing, or that's one very confused individual who might benefit from - stepping away from the computer for awhile.
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