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An up and coming enforced role-play MUD is seeking players for certain starting positions.  Please note that while GL’s and co-GL’s are needed, other roles crucial to the smooth functioning of the guild are also available and applications for those are encouraged.  Due to a tendency of certain types of roles to be popular and highly sought, it is possible that an opening mentioned here may no longer be available at the time of inquiry.  The administration also reserves the right to give a role to the one best suited for it, which means placement is not guaranteed, but a reply is.  Open slots at the time of this writing are, listed by guild:

CHURCH OF VARGOS (main religion of the main kingdom, state-supported religion)
       Cardinal: GL position in charge of clergy.  male character.
       Priest: clergy, may hold Mass and preach to the public

CIVIL ORDINANCE (legal body.  both judges/magistrates and city guard/police)
       Chancellor: GL position in charge of Magistracy (judges)
       Provost: keeper of the prison
       Magistrate: magistracy.  a common judge.
       Captain: city guard.  Captain of the Guard.  a commander.  

HUNTERS (common army, mercenaries, bodyguards, vampire hunters)
       Lieutenant General: co-GL rank, in charge of handling discipline within the ranks
       Corporal: in charge of training recruits.

MYSTINNES (magic-using religion, mildly persecuted and cannot practice within cities)
       Grand Druid: co-GL rank.
       Flamen: high priest, devoted to specific Mystic (force), in charge of a temple

Guild leaders and co-GL’s must be able to:
1.log on five days per week for a total of 8 hrs per week MINIMUM as their GL character.  time as other characters is not counted.
2.keep records of all guildings, promotions, demotions, and deguildings to be sent to the guild policy immortals
3.plan and host guild events at least once per real-life month
4.act as player testers prior to opening
5.participate in RP

Non-GL start positions must be able to:
1.log on 5 days per week
2.act as player testers prior to opening
3.participate in RP

Anyone interested and able to meet these requirements, please answer the following questions in an e-mail sent to to be contacted with specific details regarding open slots.

4.E-mail/ICQ/AIM/Other Contact Info
5.What is your reason for applying for an opening position?
6.Which of the above positions appeals to you the most?
7.Please detail your Mudding experience.  (How long have you been Mudding, names of specific MUDs you have played at, etc)
8.Please detail your experience RPing.  (live action/SCA, face to face RPG’s, other roleplaying MUDs).  Please include the characters or types of characters you have played, and any guilds they were involved in.
9.Please detail any experience you have as a Guild Leader.
10.Please explain your reasoning for leaving any of the above positions or characters.
11.Please rate your role-playing ability on a scale of 1-10.  Be honest.
12.What is your most available time to come on the MUD for an interview?  Please give times in EST.
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