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Old 04-27-2006, 06:54 PM   #1
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Okay after reading most of the recent posts, in particular the ones on the list of commercial/non-commercial/completely free MUD's, it strikes me that there is a lot of diversity in the expectations people have from their muds.

Bearing this in mind, I don't think any one mud can claim to be able to cater for all of these diverse groups of players.

I know I'm not exactly one to spend hours reading lines and lines of various descriptions of jungle/ocean/mountain scenary. I do however appreciate the odd nuances in descriptions, but they're few and far between.

As I understand it, I'm probably what you folk refer to as a "hack n slash" mud fan. That's probably true. I enjoy the many aspects of player killing, more so than any type of questing or exploring. I do like there to be a fair amount of thinking involved though... small tricks that can turn the tide in your favour... stuff like that .

Oh, and, ever since discovering the mud I currently play, I've been completely unable to immerse myself in any other simply because no other mud I know has such a brilliant map and line of sight system.

I guess I'm just interested to know what others expect from the mud they play.

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I like being able to spend a lot of time on a level based mud building up a very powerful character. I like lots of different spells, some of which are only useful under certain circumstances. I like some puzzle areas but I also like some areas where I can just walk up to a mob and kill it. Don't really care about pkill. Like it when people roleplay, but don't really get into myself.

Basically my MUD ended up influenced by my playing style. Some people really like it, while others... well, not so much
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Old 04-28-2006, 09:02 AM   #3
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Roleplaying enforced. I'll occasionally stray to the odd PK mud, enjoy Godwars and in particular, but I mud for the roleplaying. If there are global channels, mass mindless PK, or out-of-place zones, like smurf-village just north of the medieval city, you can pretty much count me out.

I also expect different takes on your generic fantasy races/archetypes. For example, Armageddon's elves aren't the kind and just elves most of us are familiar with. Instead they're quick-witted thieves and tribal raiders. Armageddon's dwarves aren't gruff, bearded fighters but are, instead, hairless, utterly focused beings. Halflings? No Frodo, Sam or Tasslehoff's at Armageddon. Instead, you get cannibalistic warriors who jealously guard their forest homes.

I also expect any mud I play for long to have a helpful and courteous staff, a decent-sized playerbase, an account system to discourage griefers, and finally, a unique crafting system.

So, Armageddon is pretty much the perfect place for me. It combines all of my interests, mud-wise, into a beautiful experience. Mmm.

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No matter what type of place it is, you should always expect fun out of a mud, that's for certain. Different people have different ideas as to what constitutes fun for them. I started out with a hack&slash type place, and that was fun. I moved to a roleplay encouraged place, and that's been fun. Sometimes it can be tough to keep that rolling, no matter where you are.

You probably either need some sort of goal that you want to attain in mind (getting to a certain level, playing your character through a certain situation, etc.), or at least have new options always availble. That's one thing I expect out of a mud if I'm going to play--there needs to be something to grab, and then hold my interest.

It's also nice to have a community feeling to the place. I don't like to be disconnected from the people that I am interacting with, I enjoy it a lot more when I can get to know them a bit aside from any mob/player killing, or roleplay or such. Being able to come together and have a nice big family type of feeling is really great.
A big part of that is probably staff, and newbie friendliness/accessibility, though the players themselves need to take up the cause too.

I'm not so much on board in any sort of debate between 'commercial' or not, roleplay or not, etc. I've been able to find good stuff in several different settings.
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