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On Carrion Fields, all players have the option of writing a Role for their character.  While the Role itself will take many forms, the purpose is to convey to the Immortals facts about the character that might not be completely evident by simple observation.  For example, the reason for a hatred of dwarves might be explained, or why the character walks with a pronounced limp.

Periodically, we run "Role Contests", where Immortals review the Role entries of characters who enter the contest.  Winners are decided based on role quality, interest and applicability, and winners will receive minor in-game perks or skills, or a custom title.

Roles are not revealed to other mortals, but when a character permanently dies or deletes, they have the option of having their role published on our website (along with other character information).

The reason for this post is simply because some of our players have come up with amazingly interesting roles.  As the coordinator of our role contests, I thought it would be cool to periodically invite others in the MUDding community take a look at what they've written.

Nreisshe was one of the deadliest (in PK) rangers we've ever seen on CF, and was also very well roleplayed.  Without further ado, here's the first Chapter of her role (link to the rest follows):

Added Wed Jun 8 14:37:55 2005 at level 5:
Darkness of the dreams... suddenly broken by faded images, distant
scents, memories of the past.

The first butterflies had woken with the gentle breeze of the spring.
They fluttered around in their seemingly random dance, their movements
enticing, almost bewitching... she watched, minute after minute, the
patterns burning into her mind... something deep inside her awakened,
one of the first times. A primal calling, an urge to hunt. It was not
an urge to simply kill, more like a thirst for the thrill of the last
moment before the leap. The very last, fleeting moment between life
and death. And right now was that moment.

She struck.

The insect flapped its beautiful wings once more between her claws and
then stopped. Laughter. They laughed. Her parents. She was picked up
by gentle arms, holding her close. "Come, my little wildcat, it's time
for dinner" the voice says... oh, the voice. Their faces are long
since blurred by the years, but their scents, their voices still echo
in her head, as clear as ever. She let go of the dead insect as her
mother carried her. It fell, spiraling down through the air into the
grass, its patterned wings glimmering one last time...

...her first prey.


She climbed over the rough rocks with little effort, moving gracefully
and quickly. She stopped before a steep cliff face and turned to look
over the forested valley, and especially the thin trail snaking up and
out of there, eventually disappearing in the shadows of the mountains.
They said that the other side was full of danger, that this was home.
But it was not enough to stop her from dreaming of the outside world
every day, magnificent new hunting grounds... full of life. She knew
that one day, she would be there. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the
day after that... but one day.


She licked her claws, a purr of satisfaction in her throat. The
trampled snow was stained a deep crimson all around her, the sweet
aroma of fresh blood hanging in the chilling air. Her blood, or the
beast's? She didn't care. The cold and the pain of her wounds were
distant, insignificant. The thrill was all that mattered. She tore
into the still warm carcass, rending the flesh, tasting it.

...her prey.

"Nrei! Where have you been... we looked all over for... but, but...
what happened to you? You're bleeding...! And where are your clothes..

Their concern wasn't necessary. They didn't understand. She didn't
expect them to. They were too set in their habits, they didn't hear
or didn't listen to the bewitching call of their buried instincts.
And that was all their loss. It was a gift, not something she could
ever make them grasp.


As large as the valley had felt, it was nothing compared to what was
outside. Days became weeks, months... years. She learned many things,
she grew stronger and wiser. Sometimes, she returned near her old
home, watching from afar. She saw their hunters and traders, even some
of the strange people from the distant lands, and none ever saw her.
And eventually, she wanted to see for herself where they came from.

New moon. It was dark, quiet, there was a hint of autumn in the air. Silently
she crept up to the familiar cabin. Light in the window. She looked inside,
the brightness stinging her eyes. Mother, father, two brothers. For a moment
she felt strange, alone perhaps, but in a few hours, still much before sunrise,
she was far. Further than she had ever gone before. And she offered no
second thought to what was left behind.

The dream fades to black...

...and her hunt goes on.

This link takes you to her Battlefield post, where you can read the rest of the role (if you're interested):
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Twist is on a distinguished road
As a followup to Kastellyn's post (and per a request/demand from Valg), here is the role for a mortal I recently played, named Kharia.

Kharia was created before I had decided to return to the Immstaff of Carrion Fields.

Her role was basically going to be that of a dark-elf who was searching for more power - specifically trying to figure out the spells that CF's old-school Mage (prior to us splitting mages up into the current 5-school system) had access to. Also, she was going to research the (now-defunct) Masters of the Five Magics cabal - again, searching for more power.

Once I decided to return to the Immstaff, some of the other Implementors and myself worked out how to use Kharia as part of the return of Twist.

To understand the return of Twist, a quick background of his "death". The short story is that while using his godly powers in a ritual to aid the mortal Masters of the Five Magics to cleanse the Orb of Magic, he was betrayed. The mortal leader of the Masters had secretly been given a tome of great power by the Deceiver, Jullias (another Implementor), and had been slowly using that tome to make sure that more and more of Twist's power was needed for the ritual. This opened Twist up to an attack by Jullias. Twist's power was largely scattered - some taken by other gods, etc etc.

(Side note - that mortal who betrayed Twist is/was Valguarnera. Bastard. Heh.)

You can take a look at the global echoes for Kharia's demise and Twist's return here.

Twist's return is still going on - he's currently mad as a hatter.

Without further ado, here are chapters 1 and 2 of Kharia's role. You can read the entire role here.

Subject: Journey from the Underdark
Added Fri Aug 4 14:54:14 2006 at level 3:
As promised, your *dutiful* daughter is penning a missive to you now that I have reached the dreaded surface. I still do not understand why you refused to command one of the magus males to give me private instruction on my newfound magical talents. So I will never be
a priestess. At least I will never have to lower myself to the stature of a fighter.

Is the thought of having a magi daughter truly so mortifying?

I am certain you will be very happy to know that the male escort you provided was completely insufficient and incompetent. The two of us were waylaid by a group of duergar.
When I awoke I was naked and stripped of all of my ceremonial accoutrements. The male and I were able to sneak out of the grasp of our captors, but when we were discovered, I shoved the male at the guard and was able to escape in the confusion. At least his death was worth a small something, even if his life was not.

Subject: Success
Added Fri Aug 4 14:59:47 2006 at level 3:
Our plan seems to have worked. Mother has indeed sent me to the surface, as we had hoped.
I will learn the ways of these fools who bear the light of day willingly, and eventually
I will find the secrets of the Old Magic. Then we shall have more power than even the Matron.
For now, however, my magical abilities are miniscule, and the surfacers do not recognize me.
I have no personal guard, and my own combat abilities are laughable, so I must stay below the
notice of any who might consider me a threat. Both in an effort to "blend in" and as a way
to gain some coin, I recently performed a series of tasks for various shopkeepers.
The profit was worth my time, though the menial tasks of "deliver this" and "fetch that" were
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Oh, sure. I betrayed you to Jullias ages ago, and I still have to hear about all the guilt. This is exactly why I plot the sundering of the Boundary from the privacy of my underground vault, instead of a nice beach villa. I don't need Ghost of Twist sailing by in his Ghost-Boat yelling "Hey, look, everyone! It's Valg! The undead creature who totally sold me out! What a jerk!"

Sure, your physical form was destroyed, the Tower of the Five Magics crumbled, its residents split into factions which warred with one another, and your power over all things Magic was seized by ambitious godlings. But what about my feelings?
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