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Question How do MUDs recruit new players in 2021?

Howdy folks, I have been running my MUD since 2003 and recruiting new players had been a pretty straightforward process with TMS, TMC & MudMagic forums (among others).

However times have changed and online MUD communities are quite different in 2021. Some are gone while some new platforms have arisen. But even with these new platforms, we have struggled to recruit new players throughout the years. The MUD is stable and we have daily veteran players, we simply do not see many new players join. (The second piece of this is player retention, but that piece is simpler for us to understand on how to address it thanks to this great topic.)

The MUD has been listed on these platforms for many years: TMC, TMS, MUDStats, MUD Portal, MudBytes, MUDListings, WikiMU. I've also made promotional posts on here and /r/MUD on Reddit.

Any thoughts or musings on how MUD owners should be working on recruiting new players in modern times?

It is also worth mentioning some things we already do:

* We have a web client and it is linked from our homepage
* Our introduction area was rebuilt to ensure we educate new players on how to play a MUD for those that have not before
* We have forums and a Discord server to support new players who need further help understanding how to play a MUD
* We have a video tutorial that shows how to create a new character
* The way we introduce the game on our homepage and outside MUD communities is "online text-based game"
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Re: How do MUDs recruit new players in 2021?

This is definitely a challenge! What I have done that you did not mention is occassional newsletters timed with game events. It creates a bit of buzz and sometimes an "old player" rejoins (good as new!).
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Re: How do MUDs recruit new players in 2021?

This is in general a big problem.

Back in 1990s, there was, I believe, more interest in text-based MUDs. Technology changes too.

People get older too - I simply could not afford the time investment anymore. Or worded differently
I have gotten too old. That was not the only reason why I retired; I got tired of any random
Average Joe put in charge of the game, when the old admin team fatigued.

But to answer your question, I think you need to cater to younger players as well as to older
players. Focus on distinguishing features what you think may be interesting for them - and
talk about that regularly. Say, every two weeks or so, make a weekend summary or something
like that.

Other players are hugely important; while in general quantity beats quality, having "quality"
players is extremely important - at the least for roleplay MUDs. Without them you have a
game skeleton.

First impression is also important. I tend to skip all tutorials and just want to play and figure
out things as I go. Back when I used to play that is.
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