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After the Plague


After the Plague is a dying MUD that deserves to be kept alive. It has a unique code (Diku-based, I think) which I have never seen anywhere else. i could probably write a novel about all of the unique features of this MUD, but I'll stick to the gist of it.

The MUD has been around for 20+ years, and some time back in the day had a very prolific and regular play base, but for reasons I am not aware of, the old players have all abandoned playing there. Right now the only players are myself, and three others who are only on occasionally. There is only one admin, the Head Wizard, David, who could use some people to staff the MUD as well.

The unique code gives After the Plague a very immersive feel to it. The stats and hit points/mana points/etc. are not given to you as numbers, but as phrases. Checking your health would not reveal to you a hit point number but a phrase (Top shape, decent shape, slightly injured, etc.). The same is true of checking your stats and skill levels.

You do not gain levels through experience points, but rather through raising your stats and skills. This is done through using them, and completing quessts, and when you stat/skill combination reaches a certain point, your level goes up. You will start as a beginner, and advance through explorer, adventurer, veteran, noble, and demigod.

There are no character classes. Instead you join guilds that offer training in a skillset. There are several magic-using guilds, warrior guilds, priestly guilds, roguish guilds, and a few professional guilds. Guilds are selective and some of them are mutually exclusive of one another. For example, if you join the Barbarians, you would then be prohibited from joining the Psionics, among others. You may be a member of up to five different guilds. Some of the guilds also have racial prohibitions. This system makes for very individual customized characters.

The MUD is Roleplay encouraged, and has few rules about it. You may not share quest information, or locations of things in the game in an OOC manner. There is only one channel for OOC talk and tells require certain magic items or abilities and are considered IC.

I personally would love to see this MUD pick up a decent playerbase. I am confident that many of the people who come by to check it out will want to become regular players.

As I stated earlier, there is only one Wizard right now, so anyone who has theknowledge and willingness to help staff the MUD should log in, and talk to David.

After the Plague can be found at Port 3000

I really hope some of you will stop by and see it for yourself. I have a felling many of you will like it.
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Re: After the Plague

Not sure if it's a recent issue or not, but this MUD seems to be down. Dying a month ago, and now it's dead? Oh well
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