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Old 09-30-2002, 02:33 AM   #1
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Scorpcrys is on a distinguished road
Hey, yeah, just a question. Why are listed games permited to allow or not allow reviews? This bugs me, i mean, what's the point of not allowing them? Do they have something to hide? Are they afraid of what players will say? All in all, i think it speaks in a negitive way to not allow people to review them.

I wanted to check out a game that had no reviews, so i really didn't know what to expect. So i get into this MUD and was greeted by the most obnoxious insulting person i'd ever met. And when i'd had enough, i walked away, and guess what? She followed me and continued to yak on and on.

I was havin' problems navigating so i asked on the "Newbie channel" for some directions. I was asked to look for a kind of door.. good enough, and then someone scouled me for not using "Game lingo". I was baffled and didn't have a clue what they were talking about. Not a nice way to greet a potential customer (at least tell me what i'm doing wrong for god's sake). So i asked what exactly i had said and i learned that sayin' "yer" is a crime there.

I also meantioned that they had a rude person there scaring away new players. What'd they say? "It happens". No one cared, they were more worried about me saying "yer".

So i seriously want to write a little review about this game warning people what they're gonna run into (as a newbie like i was) and it's pretty frustrating to not be able to. Any chance this "review: allow or not allow" thing being let up?
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Old 09-30-2002, 03:46 AM   #2
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GenmaC is on a distinguished road
The review system here is ridiculous.

Sysadmins regularly post uptime/downtime as a "review", and if anyone happens to say anything bad about their MUD, they come and start defending their MUD, as a "review".

I don't know a single person who puts stock in the reviews found here, and I doubt anyone will until the system is fixed.
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Old 09-30-2002, 04:29 AM   #3
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John is on a distinguished road
Not all games don't disallow bad reviews, to Name a few, here they are:

Now true some of those reviews aren't the worst reviews ever written, but it's damn hard to find a bad review, it's not as if it has a scoring system. (which would help make people more honest and not delete bad reviews). And it's true that most reviews are advertisements, and most games will delete bad reviews, but there are a few out there who don't, if you look hard enough.
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Old 09-30-2002, 01:28 PM   #4
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Rather than worry about the reviews, I have found that generally muds that are afraid of a bit of criticism will not allow them. (Must be an ego thing).

If possible if there is an admin email in the listing. email them and express your concerns. It could be that the head honcho of the realm was not there at that time and is unaware of the problem.

Another route is the old "word of mouth" route.
Just my opinion, chalk it up to a learning experience and move on.
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Old 10-03-2002, 11:25 PM   #5
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rhakshai is on a distinguished road
The no review people bug me too...I understand their reasoning to an extent. Especially for big games, one disgruntled person can cause a whole mess of trouble. You boot them from the game, they find other places to whine and moan and slander you.

I also don't put a lot of stock in reviews, though. First, there are the whiners who did something stupid and refused to take their punishment, or the bad sports who didn't like the game and blame it on the admins' refusal to bow to their every whim, or people who don't have to brain cells to knock together. Thre are also the people so in love with the game that they'll say good things about it no matter what.

And ultimately, reviews from 2 or 3 or 5 or 20 random people aren't really going to let you know what a game is like. The only way is to try the game, because no matter how great it is people will have bad things to say about it, and no matter how bad it is people will have good things to say about it, so judging the game based on the comments of people who feel extremely strongly one way or the other isn't really the best idea. If you really want good, honest player opinions, I'd say create a character, then go read the boards and ask around a bit. Experience the game, most of all- most games have at least *some* merit, and you can't really tell how right a game is for you till you try it.

So like I kind of bugs me that I can't review games i feel strongly about, and that I can't go read the gossip about the other games, but frankly that's all it is, mostly. And who am I to bias people against a game I had one bad experience on, when hundreds more play it and have a great time? When I *do* write a review, bad or good, I usually urge players to check the game out for themselves before they take anything I say seriously.
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