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Nodeka - Crossroad to a thousand journeys...
With a newly revamped homepage environment, and upgrades to the game system, itself, about once a week, it looks like nothing - except for voting standards - stands in Nodeka's way of being the BEST MUD in the industry. Nodeka, with its free and graphical, also somewhat revolutionary, client (which can be downloaded here), has the best, most organized mode of play, including a diverse amount of classes, races, skills, spells, and items to obtain, create, and utilize to their full potential! With a growing player base, Nodeka is quietly building steam in an effort to become -the- most entertaining, most refreshing MUD available - anywhere.

Nodeka Features:

* One-of-a-kind real-time, overhead map that can be used anywhere, all of the time. The overhead map integrates seamlessly with any MUD client. Download the Nodeka graphical client and see the overhead map with a graphical view!

Check out this screen shot of the graphical client. More screen shots here.
* Quest system that keeps track of all your open quests, completed quests and quest actions, with a morality engine that is driven by the decisions you make.
* Over 120 classes, from darkhand monk to vision guild warlock. From radial daja to spectral sa'duroth.
* Over 80 races, from human to kedoeji. From jerof to drow of the blue blood.
* Over 450 skills and spells. Our skill/spell system is both intuitive and highly strategic.
* Redefined D&D type-statistics: strength, constitution, dexterity, agility, intellect, wisdom, willpower, speed, health, mana, spirit and endurance - where character growth is unlimited.

This - astonishing, as it all is - has been stated before, and should attract players immediately. When stacked against the competition, the limits of this game are nothing. In light of this, at the very moment this is being written, Nijlo, the owner/builder of Nodeka, is putting into place new things - which will eventually be replaced by new, and even better implementations.

Update 4/30/2005:

- to show our thanks to the Nodekian players, we've added a small little
bonus to all level 100 major remorts. But what is it? =)

Thanks for continuing to play Nodeka, we're continually driven to make
your experience on Nodeka the best it can be!

- redesigned class and race selection in character generation.
- redesigned "display class" and "display race" output for more organized
and continually self-correcting output

Actually, if you're looking for a newbie-friendly, PvP MUD, there truthfully is no better than this. I, an experienced writer and a connoisseur of text games since about '93, have been enthralled with Nodeka ever since I was introduced to it by a large community of internet friends. By personal experience, I can say that Nodeka is better than any of the MUDs that currently leave the players, us, bereft of enjoyment. If you don't believe me, check it for yourself! With several ways to play (telnet, various MUD clients, and Nodeka's aforementioned graphical client), those that are drawn to visuals just may find their MUD home here, as well as text-based players will find a liking in classic, traditional connections.

If your interest hasn't been nettled, why are you still here? Go check it out, like I've said. Believe -me-, it's no waste of time.
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