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I did a cursory look over an hour over a number of threads and will read more. (gee some stuff on the merits of bots and pvp compared to chess ect are tantalizing discussions to jump into, but I'll jump there later)

Newbie question. What is IRE that people talk about? not that little cartoon stuff Ire game engine that pops up in a google search for IRE? is it?

Seond.. I have been playing Avlalon Legends for a year. I like it better that TV , especially now that I've watched every Nova, and history channel show ever made due to tivo, junk yard wars got stale and survior is ok sometime. I went throug the sitcom jokes 10 years ago, although I enjoyed seinfelf for a bit.

I like the reality/ unpreicabilty in entertainement. I can play semi atttentively for large portions of the day as I keep mutple screens up at work. I'll pay more attention for 5 or 10 minutes an hour sometimes, other times be off, other times maybe have something in the oven while following a diagalogue or something more tactical. Avlon has stuff like mining and commondity production that goes ok with working on a spread sheet on the second or third monitor , or making a buisness phone call etc...

There will be other hours where I can pay 100% attention, after tucking the kids and wife into bed. These times are better suited for melee or etc.

While PvP kiling isn't my personal favorite part of the game I wouldn't want to play a game without it. I want the fight jocks hanging out as part of the personality mix, and the element of danger and need to either gang up, or arm oneselves or get better to defend oneself seems importan to me.

I like , if fact need, the well written rooms that Avalon has. The quality of the prose is vital. While I like the fight jocks around, I like folks with sharp wits and large vocabularies making wise cracks etc.

A polictical and campaign orrientation that allows days and weeks to unfold and allows folks working in concurence to gain other sorts of balances of power on other levels than a top fighter would is great.

I should like a world where long time players can build sects, cities, even develope terrrain by their concerted efforts. I like the idea of different people playing in the same land with cross purposes. Why not go to a mud to play checkers in character with another character between bouts of gold questing or commodity making?

Also, a lattitude for Quasi- adult humor and contextual refferences that blur the lines betwen this world and the other help. Enough adults so that one could make dirty innuendo like in a shakespeare play... rockus violent sexual political ironic incconguities etc. OK I'll stop. CS lewis Narnia books with the authors assides in descriptions of narnia vs his england were a fun level of escape.
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IRE is Iron Realms Entertainment, the makers of Achaea/Aetolia/Imperian/Lusternia.
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If you liked Avalon, you should probably give an IRE game a try. I play Aetolia, personally, so I'm going to suggest that one.
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Originally Posted by (Hadoryu @ Aug. 08 2006,10:50)
If you liked Avalon, you should probably give an IRE game a try.
Except that he also said "I dont' particularly like the idea of pay for perks in that the money starts shaping the play"
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shander is on a distinguished road
Thanks for the comments so far.

He he, I did try achea a few times, and good to know that was "ire".

Achae seemed to have lots o teen agers playing and don't get me wrong there was plenty of good stuff but the prose lacked a bit from avalon. All this good jerhur to you stuff got to me althouth I did like lots of strutural things like the groups tournoments etc.

Its not the money I need to pay but the money and the way paying for advancement seems to winow the players and get little kids with a hold on their mothers credit card into high places.

I can budget money to play but deciding how much to spend on stuff really takes away from the whole in world experience. I like to *feel* like im earning there, even if its a fake currency. If I'm being reminded of spending my here money there, I start thinkin of working here instead of working there then I'm here not there!

A real question, Does player driven expansion of play field and guilds or houses etc work in any muds or does it tend to turn into an unplayabe mish mash. The "subdivisions" in achae seemed sort of interesting in their idea but they turned out to be a sort of backwater graveyard.

Also some suggestions on D&D mid-evil themed games with large elements of compaign based supply line conquest overlayed over a real time interface would be great. One where one could conguer and settle terriotry, establish farms etc. Or perhaps wipe previous such attempts off the map as they dwidiled from neglect of the players that started them..
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shander is on a distinguished road
Avalon can sort of parody itself without being cloying.

You eat a tasty apple, satiating your hunger somewhat.The apple is deep red on one side and a lush green on the other. It looks and
smells delicious and you can hardly resist drooling over this tasty fruit. It
belongs to you. It has less than a month of worth left.

This stuff never ceases to make me smile... but its the gracefulness of the wording that helps. Had the apple been bright red and forest green it wouldn't have evoked the same response, but of course the sort of sensuality in the words are dripping, as I drool over the apple, with a sardoonic self efacement.

Then, after that I can pull out a sword and smack some brat on the head or go kill some helpless army recruits in another city etc.

Dawn ascends her golden throne and flecks the morning sky with red.

That kind of stuff beats droning playing tetris or solataire!
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