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IRE Client v2.1

Iron Realms is happy to announce v2.1 of our default client (in html5). No downloads required - it runs in a browser, and works well on tablets too. On phones or small resolution displays, it'll default to a simpler single-column layout, but with our client, your settings, triggers, macros, etc are automatically accessible across any device you MUD on.

New client features include:
  • Re-arranged layout to put the info most relevant to the largest set of users (particularly new users) clustered around the area the eye tends to be looking at (the lower-left of the output window / the left side of the input box).
  • Redid our icon set.
  • Added balance and eq indicators (the hammer and the star - green when you have them, red when you're recovering them).
  • Improved map display including better performance and more info.
  • Added gold and banked gold indicators on bottom bar.
  • Added ping indicator.
  • Added unread news and unread message indicators on the bottom bar (the book and envelope icons).
  • Added a simple day/night/time indicator to the bottom info bar. The moon (at night) or sun (during the day) travel across the space bounded by the | | as the night/day progresses.
  • There's about 8 minutes of original music now, split up into a few pieces, that'll randomly mix and loop.
  • You can select an avatar now from one of about 60 we made, or you can upload your own. Purely cosmetic for now, but will be used more in future releases.
  • The prompt is hidden entirely by default now, as there's no need for one.
  • The settings window (not shown below) has been revamped somewhat.

And of course you can always re-arrange the layout, resize the individual windows, and combine/break apart tabs as you please via the right-click menu.


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Re: IRE Client v2.1

Sweet. Keep up the good work.
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