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Yet another "Looking for Mud" post.

I realize this type of thing probably becomes a chore to tolerate after awhile, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I played MajorMud (has anyone heard of that?) off and on for years and years. The game is still around but every server has the same 40 or 50 angry neckbeards talking **** to each other that it did 15 years ago. Myself included, sadly.

Of course I've also messed around with all of the popular mmorpgs: WoW, EVE, UO, AoC, Aion, WAR, etc.

What I was hoping to find was a fun mud that captures the fun I used to have with MajorMud (except more complex, obviously) that has lots of pvp, lots of players, and very few restrictions.

My ideal mud would be one with lots of content, lots of players, and lots of territory and/or items to fight over and have epic (or at least semi-epic) clan/guild/gang wars.

I've tried looking a few times but get discouraged every time - there are SOOOO many muds to choose from, it becomes quite daunting. And then I see something shiny and get distracted.

Sorry for the long first post - if anyone can help, I'll seriously be your best friend.
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Re: Yet another "Looking for Mud" post.

Hmm, not that tough to find maybe.

I'd try one of Iron Realms Muds, they have lots of areas, players, and limited restrictions. Perhaps Materia Magica as well.

If you can handle serious roleplay along with tons of players, pk, intrigue, huge areas, and epic battles, you might try NWA, but we do demand enforced roleplay and reasons for your pk (eg. claiming to be a psychopath isn't good enough), come on by and see if you can immerse yourself.

The food is good, the water clear and cool, and the ships incredible to sail.
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