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Rubicant is on a distinguished road
I saw him resting there, his back against a tree just off the path.

He had not sensed my presence so i stepped forward just at the edge of his perception and waited. It took several minutes and during that time i made observations. He was obviously elfin, probably a drow based on the faint aura of darkness's embrace.

He had only a staff and a small dagger as a weapon against the denizens of this place and things that lurk in the dark. a dagger and staff seemed an ill fit for the path he was traveling. Based on the way he gripped his staff i assumed he was a mage. The elemental earth ring was an ecoutrement of Lords which surprised me because the way of the mage is hard and long.

He noticed me with a start as i stood motionless staring at a spot on the ground in front of him. This was the tricky part as i'm sure he had a spell or two on the tip of his tounge, ready to call on the arcane and obliterate me from existance. Seeing that i was no threat he relaxed and that cued my next move, making eye contact.

I spoke slowly in the common tounge, identifying my self as Rubicant.

"A ranger no doubt..." he intoned. " few others could so easily sneak up on me; your wilderness skills are impressive."

"May i approach and take rest here?" I asked.

"By all means." was his reply.

He was mordred, the dark walker.

"Tell me magus, of the lords and ladies of thorngate; your ascension is quite a feat no?"

After a moment's silence he reponded... "They are waiting there, to greet you."

those words tranfixed me and at once i was dizzy, nervous, yet strangely calm as he continued.

"With such greed for more arcane might, I made me first attempt not long after attaining sufficient power and status."

"I look back on that foolishness with a lightheart."

"At the time i adventured with a fellow mage of similar rank, our combined powers providing us better opportunities and gains. The

life of a mage is a lonely one, many hours spent regenerating energies and wandering from place to place. Being that we can not muster sustained physical attacks like you or a warrior, we are often over looked in this land, but in the outer planes we are reveared and loved. The contrast is great indeed.

But, my motivations were not based on comraderie; instead on power. I wanted more, more status, more rank, more might...

We were going from place to place and as my powers drained i decided it was time to attempt morphing to the next tier of existance. It seems everyone is destined to try and fail at least once. I wanted to get my failure out of the way, in hopes it would satisfy my curiosity and at the same time drive me to work harder.

And so, after defeating one last foe, wounded, spent, and with only the company of my fellow mage; did i make my attempt.

knowing i would fail, with no concern for how far i would fall... in contradiction to my expectaions... i ascended.

the process is exhausting and leaves you stunned, my heart was pounding...

and then i heard it, my compeer was the first but his words were distant because there were other voices greeting me, congratulating me, welcoming me..."

he paused for a moment as if overcome, then continued saying "i can say no more, the emotions are too strong..."

i thought better of prodding for more information as he drew within himself. i had questions though, outer planes? what were these outer planes? instead, to change the mood i offered to gather some delicacies of this region for a meal. in no time i had enough resources to make us a small fire and meal.

after satiating our hunger and comfortable in the safe glow of firelight we nodded off. my sleep was troubled and i was surprised upon waking to see i was alone. apparently the dark walker walks alone as i scanned the earth and noted faint traces of his passing.

"hmph..." i thought, "sneaky and impressive skills indeed..."

i doused the remaining embers of the fire and struck off back into the wilderness with thoughts of thorngate and the outer planes dancing in my mind...
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