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Sharune II - We're Growing

Hi everybody,

Recently at Sharune, we've experienced a boon in active and returning players. A few times in the past week we've peaked 30 players online, something that hasn't happened for about two years.

Much of this is thanks to the work of our new coder to squash bugs and implement new features in a prompt manner, all of the players willing to help new players on both sides of the racewar and our immortals constantly working to build new zones and write new quests allowing players to progress in fun ways. The immortal team is currently in the process of adding many new skills to classes to make combat more interactive.

The custom Firebolt client helps to make the game newbie friendly, with in zone mini-maps, a detailed over world map, and simple alias and trigger creation, and it also supports more experienced players with features like Beanshell scripting which can be used to create flexible, complex scripts for things like combat statistics, and a built in real-time logging function.

In the coming weeks, an invasion event will be taking place, with a low-mid and a high level segment, written by some of our players. More info to come as the event draws closer. There's plenty of time to come try Sharune out and reach a level that can help fend off the invasion.

Please, if you have any questions, comments, or complaints, contact me at and I'll do my best to address them. If anyone is interested in starting with a group of other new players, toss me an email and I'll try to coordinate each of you together at a convenient time and I can join with a complementary class to help you out. A listing of our classes and their functions can be found on our wiki at Classes - Sharune Wiki

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope you come give Sharune a try!

Zaleede - Arbiter of Coalescence
Sharune website: Sharune Multi-User Dungeon
Telnet address:
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