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Old 11-09-2009, 05:37 PM   #1
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Smile Hi all! glad to be here!

Hi all! just wanted to say hi, I am fairly new to MUDding, though I have been exploring them for some time I have only played one for any length of time (Achaea).
I am particularly interested in sci fi and cyberpunk (Sindome is next on my list to try!).
I have also spent some time playing around with various codebases to learn how they work (though with marginal success! I certainly have no great programming ability!).

Any suggestions, tips or advice would be great but I am slowly working through the boards here and adding to my bookmarks to check out the links, so I guess that would be kind of lazy! ;-)

I look forward to learning from all you experienced people and hope to learn a lot whilst exploring the site!

Thanks for your time!
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Newworlds will become famous soon enoughNewworlds will become famous soon enough
Re: Hi all! glad to be here!


I hope you have fun here and find some cool games to play!
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Re: Hi all! glad to be here!

Welcome fellow Brit!

Achaea is a good starting point, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised on just how different others can be, particularly when you experience a mud without the huge walls of text Achaea can hit you with.

Wish I could offer some good tips on the type of game you are after, but i love to read scifi, but only tend to play fantasy based muds.

Otherspace seems to be scifi based and is updated LOADS.. if take a look at one of the members on here called Brody, you will see lots of events going on.

Have fun and Welcome
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Old 11-11-2009, 04:11 PM   #4
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Re: Hi all! glad to be here!

Welcome to the site!
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Re: Hi all! glad to be here!

Thank you all very much for your welcome! I have spent this week poring over the forum and have found some really interesting and thought provoking threads.

I lost count of how many bookmarks I have added from peoples advice and suggestions and checking out various MUDs!

I have narrowed them all down (finally!)

ChosenSpace is definitely at the top of my list as I have spent a few days reading all the wiki and character biography tips (the bad bio's are hilarious..and kind of scary in some cases!), I am hoping to have a bio ready before I log in so I wont be idling on there while I type it up on the spot! I can't believe people just don't bother to read the wiki for advice before applying!

Next, I was thinking of Sindome, a nice gritty cyberpunk that I like the sound of.
There are a couple of other sci fi ones (Firefly and CoreMUD) that sound interesting but appear to be dead, and a few I found in the database that have disappeared.

I also joined at tbaMUD and the Smaug Building Institute to learn!.

From reading so much, I have definitely decided I do not like PvP or H&S, I enjoyed Acahea, but like MudMan said, it is a LOT of reading and I found it confusing after a while. I was put off MUDS for ages because the few I joined I was simply swatted aside the second I entered the game 'proper' by some level five billion character and could never level up (not my idea of fun) and the quests were simply grinding away killing creatures for experience (my last character was a Druid, kind of against his beliefs!).

I am in a bit of a state really as I have apparently decided I like the idea of Roleplay, but I have no RP experience (I have been trying to play Traveller and D&D for over a year now, with no real succes) and sometime on a Star Wars PbP (Vast Empire) which gave me some idea what to do!.

Oh well, I guess I will just jump in and hope I don't commit any fatal MUD faux Pa's! Thanks again for welcoming me, this is truly a goldmine for MUDders I never knew they were so popular still!

It's terrible, I am even thinking of RP'ing with my EVE character! I swear this site is a bad influence! ;-)
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