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Cool Gritty cult/cartel roleplaying group on RenoMUSH

Reno. The Biggest Little City in the World. Home to casinos, Lake Tahoe, ski resorts, and posh desert homes alongside washed-up performers who couldn't hack it in Las Vegas, hordes of undocumented workers from Mexico and further south, Indian reservations, and the bone-weary tiredness of ranch work. Morality ranges from gangland violence to off-off-off Broadway-level desperate to California kooky to straight-up Mormon. It's a crossroads of the Western US…and a crossroads of the supernatural, as well. Werewolves roam the vast desert plains, and vampires plot and pull strings amidst the gritty glamour of the stage shows and casinos.

While small-time crime runs through the various biker and Hispanic gangs, the big player in Reno crime is the Lancea et Sanctum, a group of vampires that believe themselves tasked by God to play the role of Satan in the Book of Job: by encouraging evil, they more easily separate the blessed from the wicked. They facilitate this mandate in two ways: by controlling the Cosa Nostra (the American mafia), and by controlling zombies as a free labor force.

But there's a new faction in play. A former Mexican drug cartel leader calling himself Rafael has arrived in Reno, offering a new source of drugs, cheap labor, and sex workers from south of the border. Rumor has it that his source is run by some kind of Mesoamerican cult called 'Siete Abastos', a Santa Muerte-like splinter group from the Los Negros cartel in Sinaloa. Some even say Rafael has supernatural powers, and can raise his followers from the dead. Will they find inroads amidst the well-entrenched power players in Reno, or get chased back to Mexico?

RenoMUSH is an nWoD roleplaying MUSH running the new GMC and Blood+Smoke rules, with open spheres of Vampire (with ghouls and thralls), Psychic and Mortal. I'm looking for Circle of the Crone or Unaligned vampires, ghouls, thralls, and mortals to get a playgroup together of members of Siete Abastos, working in the dark, gritty themes of violence, bloodletting, drugs, prostitution, the role of religion in the lives of the jaded, and any other themes that might come up with a drug cartel, human smuggling, cults, or Aztec religious subjects. Hispanics preferred, but not necessary. As long as you have a reason to be indebted or join a secret society, you're good.

Interested? Log on to or go to to read their wiki. More info on Siete Abastos at . If you stop in, page or @mail Rafael. Hope to see you soon.
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