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Appendix G: Lockwood


I'm Matt from Appendix G. We're a small group of people collaborating to make fun, story-driven independent games. Our current project is "Lockwood" a post-apocalyptic, western, fantasy and metafictional MUD.

I started playing MUDs way back when I was 14 or 15 years old, starting on one called Endless Nameless. A friend and I then starting putting together a very primitive game from modified ROM code. I took a break for several years and returned right about the time I started college.

Somewhere in the middle, I did some design work for a few larger social gaming companies and learned that I didn't want to do that for much longer. About that time, me and a friend started Appendix G and began work on our project.

I'm a big fan of literature (working at a bookstore ensured I was only partially sober all throughout college) and want to make and play games that challenge the player and present them with realistic and intensely deep source texts and anthropological histories; for the same reason that Dune is one of my favorite books, I suppose, because it so richly defines the history and culture of the worlds it contains that the reader can't help but feel like some small part of it.

I think MUDs provide an awesome opportunity for this kind of storytelling and narrative presentation and I hope that one day I can really bring something meaningful to the table.

We have a small blog set up that details the development of our MUD, for those interested:

Appendix G: Development Blog

Right now, we've got some art up and a rough draft of the first part of one of the game's core texts. We're placing a lot of emphasis on creating a quality game for grown ups, where things are rarely black and white, where things aren't always simple.

Our game world exists as an inclusion within the real world, a sort of universe within the universe. The universe, recognizing this foreign body inside it has dispatched technicians to destroy it and amalgamate its contents into itself. From each corner of the known continent (The Inhabitable Zone), giant creatures slowly devour the world, digesting it over the course of centuries and expelling it as Waste Lands.

The players will struggle to create definition within the Waste Lands, slowing the progress of these creatures by redefining the areas that have been rendered uncertain. This will be accomplished by establishing cities, organizations, trading posts and stations within the Waste Land itself.

We plan a lot of features and more historical texts than I'd care to think of at the moment. But, just wanted to put this out there!

We're always looking for more contributors, we've got about 5 people on staff currently working relentlessly to make this thing happen but if anyone is interested in throwing their hat into the ring, feel free to shoot me an email at:

matt -at-
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