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Which library to use when building a mud?

I have done a reasonable amount of C programming, I remember looking at code for a very very very basic mud. (Although to you veteran mud coders you would probably laugh when you know the code I am refering to ) I basically used a code snipped from a page , I believe it was called socket mud, it was lightweight, no doubt unoptimised and featureless, however at the time this was great because all I wanted to do was create a socket and use the socket so that say 2 players could connect to some room and chat, I put a room decscription in and I had other things start in RL which meant I didnt follow it up.

I remember way back someone saying that if I wanted to do it seriously I should get accustomed to a code library and the reason being it gives a good solid base to work with that doesnt involve ugly inexperianced hacks which will no doubt be written by myself if I reinvent the wheel It tricky though because its trying to find a balance between having easy code but so badly written it could never work in a proper mud enviroment, to highly optimised code in a massive library of code which may be to complex.

which codebase/library would you suggest working with? Ideally something really flexible and well structured code that is easy to read.

I would like to simply create some rooms to start with, have a traditional fantasy theme, learn to code characters and leveling code, code a basic guild , just all newbie mud writing stuff, ow yeah and getting a handle on whatever network code is in the library I use since this is one area I need to learn more about or I will just be using what works and maybe killing any project I do late in the day through inexperiance

Any thoughts are appreciated?

Theres so much I would like to do but I think with coding you have to start small so Im going to try and not aim to high by discussing what I would really like


Just to update , on crappy vista I put on telnet client and server, in one of the files I changed the host to , next I used nmake to compile the LP source, the mad thing is, earlier on when I set debug output equal to one in an nmake command I was getting errors about a redefined link, I really didnt want to start hacking the code at this point knowing that if there is a problem it will be at my end not the code, so with little documentation I just thought of it logically and it was at that point I installed telnet , I also run nmake without the debug flag and it all compiled fine, I then used the parse.exe which was built, next I login to the mud by doing telnet 2000 and I was shocked when it actually worked, I can navigate rooms , fight mobs, read help, register a character , wear armour, however I picked up a stick and could not do wield stick, so I am wandering if everything is working 100%? I will link the library:

MudBytes MUD Code Repository - Files

Can anyone comment on this code ? I can find little documentation and the readme file talks about doing the command
config.mud inet which doesnt seem to be available on windows, but what I figured was doing parse.exe runs the mud server and then I just connect as a client, is all this a good stable basis for learning this library and good to use if waay in the future I was to put out a mud e.g would you advise this is a good code to heavily modify?

Really surpised the things running though but am curious why wield isnt working, hoping its something simple attributed to the fact I have only been on the mud 5 mins

Any comments needed & welcomed

Further update:

Wield seems to be working after all, I also found a docs folder ,however one thing I am unsure about is how to make myself a wizard? How is this usually done?

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eax is on a distinguished road
Re: Which library to use when building a mud?

Hi again I have decided to go with the LP library, can anyone point me in the direction of a document that shall explain all the tools required and there setup? My plan is to just run a bare mud , make sure I can get it working, I think thats a good starting point
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