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SWGI Seeking Staff

Galactic Insights is in its third year of operation. We have made
many changes to our codebase since we started, and we are one of the more
advanced SWRs out there. We've forced other SWRs to step up their game.
We're certainly not the best, but you'd be hard pressed to find another that can boast
having 3-4 of the unique features we have. Otherwise, we are one of the most unique MUDs.
Like any other MUD, we need staff. If you're interested in helping create areas for players
or help some of the coolest players around, read on..

We require the following positions:
Head Builder(N/A)

There is an application process you must go through. We do not hire anyone that
immediately logs in. You musy play the MUD as a player for at least a week. Then
you may submit an application, or submit one now and it'll be considered later.
Afterwards, we will interview you to see if you become part of the staff. If you aren't
committed to being a staff member, or are immature, do not bother applying, because you're
wasting both of our times. There is no age limit, but we demand a mature, professional
atmosphere for our staff members and players.

Anyone may apply to become an Enforcer or a Builder. Building experience is a plus,
but we can and will train anyone that needs it.

To become an Administrator, you must complete one planet for the MUD first. We do
not promote anyone above level 204(of 210) without having shown a committment to
the MUD first. Do not show up and ask to be an administrator. We don't hire admins,
we promote builders to admins. We are NOT hiring coders.

Again, anyone is free to apply. If you've never built before in your life, we can
train you. If you've been building for years, we'd love to have you. Our staff
is professional and experienced, and any addition you can make the to staff would be
well appreciated. We're not closing anytime soon, we're on a pay host and our mommies
aren't going to come in one day and unplug the MUD. We have players that will enjoy your
building, and immortals/administrators that will appreciate your ideas.

We're modified with 2400+ changes to a stock codebase, run the SWGI 2.3 codebase, which
is a modified SWR1.0 code.
Newest features:
**NEW** Trivia System. Allows immortals to host a trivia and award players for winning.
**NEW** Never before seen- ability to AUCTION your ships. Unique to this MUD.
**NEW** Player shop code. Open your own shop, customize it, stock it, and make money.
**NEW** Ship modules. Build, and then modify your ship.
**NEW** Fully functional INTRODUCTION system. "A very tall, male Wookiee of a solid build stands here."
**NEW** Engineer built ships via the designship system.

Player Opinion:

"I've been through a few MUDs, some better than others, all better
than RITS. One thing you don't see to often is one like this."

"The game has good RPers and all around helpful people."

"Star Wars: Galactic Insights is one of the most motivating star wars
muds I've played. All of the players I've run into thus far have
been very helpful, as well as the staff."

" is an incredibly well put together mud with a very
friendly playerbase."

"It has been well built and alot of additions have been made to the
mud since I first played there last year."

"Star Wars Galactic insight is full of impressive features..."

" far one of the best star wars muds..."

Star Wars: Galactic Insights Home

AIM: SystmFrz

Apply ingame by posting to the Banner board or talking to Banner,
or by filling out the application on the website above.
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