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LegendMUD's 15th Birthday - Come give us a try!

Within the next month, LegendMUD will be celebrating its 15th year.

If you haven't heard of LegendMUD before or have yet to give us a try:

The world of LegendMUD is a world built from the histories of various civilazations, ranging from the gods of ancient Egypt to the fears that walked the streets of Victorian London. The areas represented in LegendMUD have been constructed not from the literal history of our world but from the myths and legends that existed at the time each of the many areas are set in.

In LegendMud, you can walk through the lands of the Anasazi, speak with their holy men, take part in sacred rain dances, meet and do battle with their gods. You can follow the path of Odysseus, challenging yourself with the very same heroic tasks that he once completed. You can travel to feudal Japan and gain an audience with one or more of the warring daimyo, test your skills against a magical Oni, and even take part in the legendary Battle of Sekigahara.

The world of LegendMUD is divided into three eras: Ancient, Medieval, and Industrial. Between these three, LegendMUD currently offers over 60 completely unique areas, with a total of well over 6000 individual rooms. Players will find each of these areas to be a rich environment with a number of quests available and enough detail to make for hours worth of exploring if they so choose.

LegendMUD has been developed to cater to a wide range of playing styles: PvP killing, roleplaying, relaxed socializing or any mix of the three. LegendMUD offers a dynamic 'classless' skill system which allows a player to learn a wide range of skills and abilities: chanting and magic, herbalism, blindfighting, sharpshooting, and field surgery just to name a very few. There is an active free-forming clan system and player-owned housing is also available.

If you have been to LegendMUD in the past but haven't stopped by recently:

LegendMUD is proud to be continually expanding. In the recent past, we've added several large areas: Medieval Japan, The Russian Revolution at Petrograd, Dartmoor England, Industrial Cairo, and Ancient Carthage. Imperial Rome and several others are just around the corner as well! We've also added several features to make playing at LegendMUD even more entertaining, including an automated auction system, an account system for the managing of multiple characters, major overhauls to the PvP system, and a schedule of fun weekly games hosted by the immortal staff which range from exploration challenges to charades to trivia competitions.

More information can be found at LegendMUD's official website, LegendMUD Official Website
LegendMUD is available via telnet at

Come give us a try!
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Re: LegendMUD's 15th Birthday - Come give us a try!

Legend is about to celebrate it's 15th year online. Each year, we celebrate by offering a week of games, and other surprises. And this year is no exception!

We always end our celebration with the Annual Expies Ceremony. The Expies are LegendMUD's version of the Oscars, complete with awards. Players vote on various categories based on players, immortals, code and areas.

LegendMUD Birthday Calendar
  • Monday, February 11th 12:00 pm Candyland (all day)
  • Tuesday, February 12th all day Pie Throwing Day
  • Wednesday, February 13th 7:30 pm Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
    9:30 pm Game with Carnegie
  • Thursday, February 14th Happy 14th Birthday, LegendMUD!
(Also, Happy Valentine's Day!)
12:00 pm Collection Game with Autumn
  • Friday, February 15th 6:00 pm Special Trivia with Autumn
  • Saturday, February 16th all day Elf Hunt
  • Sunday, February 17th 7:00 pm Expies Ceremony (tentative)
If you haven't stopped by Legend, stop over and give us a try. If it's been a while since you've seen Legend, come on back and see what we've done since you've been gone. Either way, you won't be sorry!

Hope to see you all there!

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Home MUD: LegendMUD
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Sandra is on a distinguished road
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Cool Re: LegendMUD's 15th Birthday - Come give us a try!

As we've stated in the original post, LegendMUD is celebrating it's 14th birthday which
was on Valentine's day. Each year,while we work year round adding in new content, we
strive to add in a larger amount of new content on this day. Whether that be areas, new
skills or spells, or additions to other aspects of Legend.

This year was no exception.

Website Update: Newbie Section!

* Carnegie worked hard on adding in this new section of the website. This
section gives a run-down of each hometown, including notable mobs, quest
hints, skill teacher hints and more! We've also added in a line on character
creation that shows a prospective new player the link for this section
of the website. newplayer
More Familiar Options for Create Mages!

* Tired of the same old imp? Want an owl instead? Now you can have not
only the option of an owl, but a wolf, cat or crow as well! You simply
add the familiar option after the 'ex' of the spell. You can only have
one familiar at a time. It will only cast its spells once the previous
ones are gone. Spell costs are the same.

New Cause Mage Spell: Fortification!

* Fortification is a new armor type of spell for 3rd circle cause mages
that gives a small resistance much like stoneskin. I won't spoil what
exactly it resists here, I'll let you all find out! Spell cost is in
sync with stoneskin.

Changes to Weapon Quality!

* Effective quality of weapons has been increased. There are still
Q1-Q5 weapons, but the quality difference between Q1 and Q5 is now the
as Q3-Q5 was before. There are still as many stops in between, it's just
over a narrower range. The speed of Q5 weapons is not changing at all,
just the lower-quality ones.

This change makes newbie weapons a bit more useful as well as not
having to go directly to q5 to get a 'decent' weapon. Incremental
upgrades that are more rent friendly are more viable.

* All multi-weapon swings (any time you're wielding a weapon,
basically) you are guaranteed at least 2 attacks except under rare

Citizenship Quests!

* Started in London, but now realize you'd rather be a mage than a
surgeon? Now you can change your citizenship by going through one of the
hometowns' citizenship quests. These quests are costly in experience,
37.5 million to be exact. It also requires that you have a total of 47.5
million experience. With that, you are also charged 100k gold during the
quest. And they do require a good amount of work to complete. Once you've
completed the quest, your skills and/or spells will be completely wiped and
you will be able to then relearn skills for your new hometown. Those under
level 11 can do these quests without cost. The quests for London, Arabia,
Tara, Kleinstadt, and San Francisco are completed with Lima on the way soon.

Multiple PKE Characters!

* That's right, after all these years we've decided to allow players to
have more than one PK enabled character. Of course, there are rules to
this! You must have an account to take advantage of this new feature.

Update to Victorian London!

The streets of London open today on the West bank of the City of Westminster.
You will be able to visit the famous Chamber of the Lords where politics
of the English empire are debated, stroll under the tower of Big Ben and
even visit the offices of Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the city police.

This mini-upgrade to the London hometown introduces a new setting for the
town's citizenship quest as well as a few new quests, encounters and
housing expansion!

Ancient Rome!

* In 85 AD, Rome had mostly rebuilt from the great fires that plagued the city
proper and slowly began to prosper once again. The Circus Maximus and
Colosseum were only two of the buildings completed during this time, not to
mention the repair of the Temple of Jupiter and the palace on Palatine Hill.

The Colosseum was once again the pride of Rome. To amuse himself, as
well as the citizens, Domitian often held stranger-than-usual games,
such as gladiator contests at night, female combatants, and dwarves.

Senators, once the real rulers of the empire, now feared their emperor. His
harsh punishments and cruel ways made it obvious that he held contempt
for the senate and its members.

That's right, Rome is finally finished! Visit the ancient city of Rome
in the year 85AD. The Emperor Domitian's rebuilding of Rome is well
underway. The Colosseum has just been completed and not too far behind
is the Imperial Palace. Stroll the streets of Rome and visit the Forum
Romanum. Stand under the arch of the great emperor Augustus, and if you
dare, join in the gladiator battles! Not only can you fight the gladiators,
but you can use this new arena to fight each other.

The practice Arena in Rome is the first of it's kind to use the ARENA
flag code. This means that even if you aren't pkenabled you can fight
at no loss. The arena announces the winners of the fights on the Arena
channel. In the future, this arena can be used for PK tournaments as well.

Here's to a great 15th year!

Stop by and give LegendMUD a try!

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