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RPI mud seeking builders/storytellers

Requiem-mud (Hymns of Midnight) offers players the opportunity to become immersed within a rich role-play atmosphere set within a fantasy-themed world with a host of plots staff and player run alike. This is a classless, leveless environment.

Set within an original world, players start within the trade town Grey.

“The town of Grey lies nestled between the forests of old while the ruins of the once great citadel Jhal stand close by, casting a shadow of ever gloom over the hills…”

Grey is an old trade town founded by a citadel that has fallen hundreds of years ago. The town is rich in activity with merchants vessels often pausing there, carrying precious cargo’s and many hopeful adventurers along with them as its situated right along the shores of one of the major river networks in the Known World.

Currently the game is open for beta, feel free to come visit our forums for information at Requiem mud • Index page

================================================== =========================

Requiem-mud is looking for builders who take to writing descriptions for rooms with a lot of detail in them. There are a variety of code options available to builders, such as making room programs, triggers, hidden entrances and so forth. One can also program echoes to be thrown from a random list at specific ingame time intervals.

Secondly we're looking for anyone interested in becoming part of the storytellers (or admins) who oversee the plots ingame. We want people who will be able to bring the world alive with small animations of the barkeeper, or merely tiny rodents running in and causing havoc. Not only that but oversee bigger plots as well.

Please email if you are interested.
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