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Geas: level-less, classless RP

I first discovered Geas when I went scouring Top Mud Sites for a level-less, rp-enforced game. The leveling part of mudding always bored me; I was more in it to roleplay a character. I was happy to find that Geas was skill-based, that you could learn any skill just by doing it, and that's how you improved your character. No exp points, no grinding of mobs. If you wanted to work on your fighting skills, then you could fight something. If you'd rather go study a book, or write your own books, you could do that instead. In fact, I was very thrilled to find that I could craft and write my own books.

Another thing I loved was the myriad of quests. I'm very much an explorer and like to figure out all the neat things about different areas. It seemed that everywhere I went, there was a new quest to be found. Some are easy enough for a newbie character to solve on their own, while others require some skill or help from friends. And you will learn some interesting things about the areas, their people, and their history.

Geas's roleplay and factions are largely based around the game's religions. You will find a dichotomy between the followers of "good" gods and "evil" gods, along with a scattering of neutral people. One of my characters has actually managed to remain godless the whole time I've played her, though the majority of people will end up choosing one god or another to devote themselves to. Some are more fanatical than others, and it can be difficult to follow an evil god, at least openly. But there are allies to be found no matter which route you choose.

Geas also has three sets of guilds: Occupational, Layman, and Crafting guilds. Occupational guilds will largely shape your character, having their own set of skills as well as rules and tenets they stand for. These include the clergies, Crusaders, Shaolin, Rangers, and others. The next set of guilds are the Layman guilds, which include the Scribes, Skalds, and Alchemists. They are more loosely based than the Occupational guilds and allow their members to learn various forms of low magic, including magic songs, potions, wands, and scrolls. One can either be a member of one Occupational guild and one Layman guild or two Layman guilds. Next, there are crafting guilds. You can join an unlimited number of crafting guilds, yet only one as a full member. The rest you will have to pay a yearly fee in game for guest membership. Along with the crafts available through guilds, there are also crafts such as mining and fishing which anyone can learn on their own.

One thing I love about Geas is how complex and intricate it is. I keep finding new things! I joined one of the "secret" guilds and discovered a whole underground network I never knew existed, new skills, and useful abilities. Also, Alchemists recently gained the ability to make wands, giving me a peek into the magic system of Geas, which is incredibly complex, involving runes and mantras. Lots of potential to explore and experiment. A new Mage guild is being implemented as well, adding even more potential for the magic system to grow. The combat system is complex, but it's probably my favorite out of all the games I've played so far, allowing for more "real-time" combat, rather than watching a string of hits go by. Wizards will also help to add to the changing game environment by responding to players' actions in game, allowing for real impact to be made. And, even in nearly three years of playing the game, I still haven't done everything or been everywhere. There are places in game I've yet to go to or explore fully, like the dangerous island of Kyir, the depths of the ruined elven city of Eal-Deliah, or the dark city of Asador in the frozen north.

One thing about Geas though is that it does take some dedication. You won't become a powerful warrior or mage overnight. Some paths are more difficult than others, but I think the time spent is rewarded with the unique experience and abilities you will gain. Those new to mudding and even those who have played other games might have a hard time getting used to all the commands, and some things you'll simply figure out by watching or asking others. The more time you invest in your character, the stronger you'll ultimately become, yet casual players can still find enjoyment, and just roleplaying is always an option if you'd rather not spend all your time working on skills.

Ultimately, Geas is a complex yet rewarding game. The only real negative is that there's usually not that many players on, between 15-20 at peak times. But you can change that by coming and trying us out!

Geas port: 3333
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