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The Battle Royale

Gleaming evilly, the red painted faces of the Goblin warriors and the Orcish rabble that assisted them focused their attack on the Elven Warrior. The blue-black blades of the Goblins and Orcs flashed briefly in the frequent lightning from the angry sky as they were swung upwards during attempts to slash the beleaguered elf. The mint green blade of Foebreaker gleamed brightly red in the elf’s hand, casting a reddish glow on all near the elf while the Song of Foebreaker slashed relentlessly amidst the evil horde embroiled around Alaric. Nagazi, the evil mage, witnessed this terrible slaughter of the both Goblin and Orc and grew weary of their pitiful attempts to slay the lone elf. Raising his withered arms to the heavens, the upturned face of Nagazi twisted as if in tormented pain and the garbled lilt of a spell being cast echoed through the minds of all present.

Instantly, the battle froze and became as if a detailed painting from some deranged artist’s nightmare depicting a scene of vicious slaughter and devastating carnage. The Goblins and Orcs each shivered and the exposed black-blooded veins of their arms, necks and faces swelled with renewed vigor. The large, whiteless eyes of both Goblin and Orc grew and became encircled by a strange yellow-green fire while a deep rage overtook their simple minds. Redoubling their efforts, the enchanted horde threw themselves onto the hapless elf, evil blades singing as they slashed and reveling in each tiny nick and cut they inflicted on the elf.

Gray clouds roiled overhead and grew blacker by the second as they witnessed the onslaught of Goblin and Orc against Alaric. As the sky blackened, the crimson glow of Foebreaker intensified and the golden runes of power etched into it’s blade began to pulsate and glow with an increasing golden light. In the sky, the blackened clouds parted directly above the enraged battlers and a solitary white cloud appeared, growing taller and wider with each passing pulse of the runes and beat of Alaric heart. Sweat beaded on his nicked and bleeding face as he concentrated on his sword. Beams of pure light flicked from behind the white cloud piercing the black ones without revealing the source and a halo of blue-white shone from the edges as it grew to tremendous proportions. A startling blue flash of lightning sprang from the cloud, striking the tip of Foebreaker and exploding into a blinding light and deafening clap of soul wrenching thunder.

As challenged vision slowly returned and foul smelling steam dissipated, the kneeling, battered form of Alaric could be seen on a small hillock surrounded by the shattered and steaming remains of the blasted Goblin and Orc horde. Raising his head, Alaric stared directly into the eyes of Nagazi, the evil mage and rose slowly to his feet without breaking the intensity of the gaze. With deliberate patience born of confidence, Alaric raised his upturned left fist and pointed it at the mage. A sly grin lightened the dark visage of Alaric and a gleam of golden light glinted from both his eyes and the runes of Foebreaker as the middle finger of his upturned fist popped up at the evil mage and crooked beckoningly.

As witnessed by Janar the one-armed, on the occasion of the opening of the Blue Rose Café in Naraka.

Written here in these archives for posterity by Iluvatar
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