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Once upon a time a few people go together and were really bored so they started a thing called a mud. On this mud they had to have players, so they searched high and low for players. Eventually the players came and they were controling the mud. So the people who started it created what were called Immortals.

Immortal- One who sits on his butt and does nothing but slay newbies, and corner other people. They are very powerful and think your crunchy and tasty with catsup.

Well one day the Immortals started to leave to other realms, so the owners had to create another type of immortals named Imps.

Implementors aka imps- One who thinks they are god, with thier many commands to ban you if you really make them mad.

After awhile the owners talked to the imps and they said that they needed a staff of builders and coders, so the owners agreed.

Coder- One who is smarter then the rest of the mud community

Builder- One who thinks they are smarter than the mud community.

Then the coders and the builders started at each other discussing who was smarter. So the owners then brough in a type of people for Security called Enforcers.

Enforcer- One who has all these nifty commands to hurt you really bad.

All was good until they needed more people to help out to make the mud good. So they hired temporary builders which were usually players.

Temporary builder- One who thinks he is going to go far, until he realizes that it's to hard for them.

Finally there was piece and quite in the mud.

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