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Im sorry if this is the wrong string to post under but it seemed right at the time..and im sorry for it sounding like a ramble

I spent a good portion of my latest caracter roleplay trying to achieve a level of succubus a remort on DM.  Now that i have achieved it i am finding more difficult to RP the caracter as a demoness trying to seduce men for there souls. I dont know how other MUD's work these problems but how do you make a caracter(and when i made this caracter i had the sole intention of becoming a succubus) that doesnt taper off.  I find it difficult to RP with someone about taking there souls in a sexual way without having to deal with the comments of lets get it on and what not.  Its not about the MUD sex so to speak but about the end result.  Being a Demoness is harder than one expects.  Am i simply taking this the wrong way or is there another direction i should be taking?


Any and all feedback is appriciated...good or bad
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Coming from the same mud as Feyona and recently leaving, I can sympathize with her problem. Feyona, roleplaying a seductress demon isnt vastly different than roleplaying anything else.

Your problem, as a succubus, is that the players around you are taking their OOC knowledge of Succubi into character.

The reality of an incubus or succubus is this, whether you like it or not, you can't resist their charms. This is what they are and what they do. They seduce people, and use that power to their advantage. A good roleplayer realizes that there are consequences, but will play along, because it is the correct thing to do. They will base their actions on what their character would do in the situation.

Poor roleplayers, on the other hand, will look at you and say 'Uh oh, Succubus, she's going to kill/rob/whatever me'. And based on that OOC determination, they will refuse to play into it, when in truth, their character should have no tangable defense against your charms. That is the dillema of playing a race like yours. People just wont do the right thing when they know it's going to hurt them, with acception to true roleplayers.

I'll be the first to say, Daedal Mac. is probably among the best muds I've played, but what you need in your situation, is help from your immortal staff. You're likely going to need the immortals to, in some way clarify the following: Incubii/Succubii are seducers, they've been for 10000 years. The reason they've done it so long is because they're damned good at it, and unless you have some compelling RP-reason, you are not immune to it. And ultimately, for players who refuse to acknowledge and abide by that, punishment will have to follow.

No amount of code can make a player RP their part correctly, it's something that they have to do on their own, and sometimes the motivation must come down from above. This seems an example of that. Having RP'd with you myself, I know you to be a solid RPer, and if my 572 hour dragon character could fall for your seduction (as he did/was doing) I think anyone else should be able to as well.
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