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"The world of E'dhora is one of magnificent contrasts and unexplained mystery. A land that has suffered much in the last millenium, victim of the activities of man and god, torn between the conflicting views of both groups. The years before the cataclysm, after the gods had left man forsaken, were spent burning the natural resources of the world, damaging its ability to heal itself due to extreme magical experiments and activities. Softly the world cried out, none could hear her. When she could take no more, it is said by those now possessing the ability to commune with her, that she cried out in pain, the gods heard her and responded -- the cataclysm occured.

The cataclysm shook the face of E'dhora in ways mere words cannot accurately\ describe. Lands that were once joined were torn asunder, sent sailing through boiling oceans to land elsewhere. Entire sets of countries sank beneath the heated waves, while in other areas land rose from out of the sea to form entire new continents. When all was calm and settled, five continents were left relatively intact, hundreds of islands were scattered all about. With the worst passed, what life was left began to sprout once more, the magical residue from the cataclysm began to change the world, shifting men into beasts and vice versa.

E'dhora is slowly recovering from the events of the past, what secrets she hides, what purpose the gods have for her lay sprinkled within the strands of fate. What hero will rise to uncover these secrets? To again rekindle the relationship between the gods and men? Will the technologies of the past be rediscovered? "

Forsaken Dreams is seeking builders that have a degree of professionalism and a sense of fun. We are a mature staff that is dedicated to the mud. We are looking for builders that will not build 10 rooms and then disapear. This is a project in the making.

Forsaken Dreams offers builder creativity, so long as the area fits the overall scope of the game. It has a heavily modified code that is one of the most stable on the net. The OLC has been modified for ease of use, and that allows for a new creative edge to items, mobs and rooms.

We are a small, tight knit community that is devoted to this long term project and seek bring others into it. If you are interested, drop an email to

Hope to see you in the future,
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