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If you are a well-rounded gamer who enjoys all aspects of a good roleplaying game, then Carrion Fields is the MUD for you. Here at the Carrion Fields, players enjoy a vast world where fierce conflict, complex storytelling, and political intrigue all meet in splendidly detailed domains filled with enchanted wonders to explore and enjoy at every level of play.

Select one of our sixteen classes and seventeen races and begin your journey, choosing your allies and your enemies as you go. Throw back a stein of ale at the Inn of the Eternal Star, a crossroads of destiny where adventures can relax or socialize. Adventure to places like the mysterious Loch Grynmear where an intriguing quest can be slowly unraveled by sharp wits and courage, or face monsters and mystery in the depths of the Violet Woodland.

When you tire of wild adventures and your pockets bulge with coin, visit some of Thera's bustling towns, such as our newest addition, Voralian City, a shining bastion of wonder. Commission the local jeweler to fashion a custom-made trinket, or visit the Master Frinigan's Toy Shop and purchase any number of unique playthings suitable for creative game-playing with others. Talk to some of the locals - a wide variety of responsive NPCs, about the city's history or local places of interest. Here in one of Thera's fine cities, player-character Magistrates serving the Blood Tribunal establish justice and enforce law along with the local peacekeeping force, but don't let your guard down too much! Murderers and thieves still lurk about ready to risk criminal status. Should you find yourself down on your luck, your guildmaster can help outfit you again with basic provisions, and the charitable Voralian City soup kitchen offers free soup to the poor and hungry.

But the wonders don't end at the city's limits! Keep exploring and you'll find virtually endless adventure, conflict, and companionship in the Carrion Fields! Affiliate yourself with one of several cabals for allies and power, or go it alone and avoid the trials and burdens of cabal raids and warfare. Offer your service to one of the staff-controlled gods or goddesses of Thera's dynamic pantheon, become a famous hero, or a notorious bounty hunter. The possibilities are endless, but don't expect to achieve greatness too quickly. The trials of the Carrion Fields, both in strategy and roleplay, can keep challenging players for years to come.

As one of our seasoned staff members puts it, "Carrion Fields is tough." It is, however, also an extremely rewarding and satisfying game, with many friendly staff members and resources to welcome new players into the fold as you begin your journey into a world that will challenge you in ways you may never have thought possible in a roleplaying game.
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Adventure to places like the mysterious Loch Grynmear where an intriguing quest can be slowly unraveled by sharp wits and courage, or face monsters and mystery in the depths of the Violet Woodland.

As one of our Area People, I should add that several of our more quest-dense and "special-feature-heavy" areas (like the Academy, Loch Grynmear, and the Violet Woodland) are aimed at low level adventurers and beginners. A lot of games put "treadmill" areas there, but we endeavor to provide a diverse gameplay experience from the get-go.
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